Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bernard Haykel

Bernard Haykel is Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University and the co-editor (with Thomas Hegghammer) of Saudi Arabia in Transition.

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The Middle East’s Cold War

The breach in diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a dangerous watershed in an unstable, war-torn region. The trigger was the Saudis' execution of a firebrand Shia sheikh, but the rup… read more

Newsart for The Arab Drama
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The Arab Drama

There is no single narrative that makes sense of the change now sweeping the Middle East. Regimes throughout the region, as well as the United States, European governments, and Al Qaeda and other Isla… read more

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Treating Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda’s leadership, beliefs, and ideology are rooted in Saudi Arabia, but the organization has been all but crushed in the Kingdom by the government carrot-and-stick policies. The attempted assassi… read more

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