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Anne-François de Saint-Salvy

Anne-François de Saint-Salvy

Writing for PS since 2012
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Vice-Admiral (Retd) Anne-François de Saint Salvy was until recently in command of France’s Atlantic maritime zone in charge of maritime security, environmental protection, and policing at sea.

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  1. bildt69_DELIL SOULEIMANAFP via Getty Images_syriansoldiermissilegun Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images

    Time to Bite the Bullet in Syria

    Carl Bildt

    US President Donald Trump's impulsive decision to pull American troops out of northern Syria and allow Turkey to launch a military campaign against the Kurds there has proved utterly disastrous. But a crisis was already inevitable, given the realities on the ground and the absence of a coherent US or Western policy in Syria.


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