Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vive La France?

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Emmanuel Macron wants to shake up the ailing French economy, bring together a bitterly divided country, and revive the European project. Project Syndicate writers examine the legacy he inherits and the scale of the challenges he faces.

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Press Released

Today’s media landscape is littered with landmines: open hostility by US President Donald Trump, increased censorship in countries such as Hungary, Turkey, and Zambia, growing financial pressure, and … read more

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Sunrise Johannesburg Africa

The African Century

Africa’s rise is an immensely significant global development, but the roots of its emerging strength – and lingering weaknesses – are little understood, both across the continent and beyond. In "The A… read more

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Newsart for Is Winter Coming in Korea?

Is Winter Coming in Korea?

North Korea's increasingly frequent weapons tests, the installation of a US missile-defense system in South Korea, and the ouster of South Korean President Park Geun-hye have made the Korean Peninsula… read more

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Donald Trump

Trump: An American Horror Story

Get to grips with President Trump; Project Syndicate has published more than 100 articles exploring the implications of his presidency for politics, the economy, and world peace and security. They are… read more

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Newsart for Bulldozing Brexit

Bulldozing Brexit

The die is cast: Theresa May has invoked Article 50 of the European Treaty to begin Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, starting the two-year clock on what promises to be one of the most complex negotia… read more

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Xi Jinping

Xi’s Florida Mission

Who will hold the stronger hand when President Trump hosts Xi Jinping at their Mar-a-Lago summit? If Trump repeats his threat to impose tariffs on Chinese imports and brand China a currency manipulato… read more

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Newsart for Happy 60th Birthday, Europe?

Happy 60th Birthday, Europe?

On the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, European heads of state convene again in the Italian capital. But with the EU beset by populist and nationalist challenges, the looming start of Brexit, … read more

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internally displaced Iraqis

The Middle East Exchange

In the face of regional turmoil, exacerbated by the rise of the Islamic State, many Arab governments are embracing a new solution-oriented agenda – focused on economic diversification, improved educat… read more

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Newsart for Blair vs. Brexit

Blair vs. Brexit

Tony Blair has reopened both the debate about withdrawal from the EU and the deep wounds last June’s referendum inflicted on British politics. Anatole Kaletsky believes that Blair’s intervention may s… read more

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