Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump: An American Horror Story

Donald Trump

Get to grips with President Trump; Project Syndicate has published more than 100 articles exploring the implications of his presidency for politics, the economy, and world peace and security. They are all here:

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Newsart for Out of Order?

Out of Order?

The inauguration of US President Donald Trump and rising populism in Europe pose a fundamental threat to the liberal world order, underpinned by the UN, the EU, NATO, the IMF, and the World Bank. Can … read more

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internally displaced Iraqis

The Middle East Exchange

In the face of regional turmoil, exacerbated by the rise of the Islamic State, many Arab governments are embracing a new solution-oriented agenda – focused on economic diversification, improved educat… read more

56 Articles
Newsart for Davos: Go Tell It From The Mountain

Davos: Go Tell It From The Mountain

Many of the world's most influential leaders and thinkers meet at Davos this week, amid deepening uncertainty about the future of the post-1945 world order. Here’s what they are saying.

11 Articles
Newsart for The Populist Threat to the EU

The Populist Threat to the EU

The populist tide that brought the world Brexit and Trump is now threatening the very foundations of Europe. Will European voters bring the EU house down?

21 Articles
Newsart for Populism at the Gate

Populism at the Gate

The populist challenge in many countries has been both a threat and a rebuke to the liberal consensus. How should policymakers who want to defend the principles of tolerance, openness, and rationality… read more

19 Articles
Newsart for A Comeback for Keynes?

A Comeback for Keynes?

The failure of unconventional monetary policies to lift debt-ridden economies out of their post-2008 torpor has led many to call for big increases in public spending. But fiscal expansion could turn u… read more

27 Articles
Theresa May and Angela Merkel

Brexit Limbo

Months after the referendum that shook the world, the fallout from Brexit, including the likely economic costs, remains unsettled. Theresa May's government is still wrestling with the basic question of… read more

35 Articles
Newsart for Confronting Radical Islam

Confronting Radical Islam

ISIS and Boko Haram are being driven from their strongholds in Iraq and Nigeria, but terrorist acolytes are seemingly everywhere, with bombings, shootings, and stabbings this year in Dhaka, Copenhagen… read more

14 Articles
Newsart for Anti-Globalization Goes Global

Anti-Globalization Goes Global

From America to Europe and beyond, populists like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and Britain’s “Brexiteers” have been lifted by a wave of resentment against free-trade deals, immigration, and remote, su… read more

14 Articles

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