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通过从地球反射太阳光——或许通过将气溶胶注入到平流层——太阳地球工程可以部分抵消因温室气体集聚而导致的能量不平衡。使用绝大多数主要气候模型的研究结果表明 ,太阳地球工程可能会降低主要气候风险,如可用水资源变化、极端降水以及海平面和温度改变。但这种技术的任何版本本身都具有一定的风险性,包括污染空气、破坏臭氧层和意外气候变化等。

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    The Great Crypto Heist

    Nouriel Roubini

    Cryptocurrencies have given rise to an entire new criminal industry, comprising unregulated offshore exchanges, paid propagandists, and an army of scammers looking to fleece retail investors. Yet, despite the overwhelming evidence of rampant fraud and abuse, financial regulators and law-enforcement agencies remain asleep at the wheel.

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    The Exploitation Time Bomb

    Jayati Ghosh

    Worsening economic inequality in recent years is largely the result of policy choices that reflect the political influence and lobbying power of the rich. There is now a self-reinforcing pattern of high profits, low investment, and rising inequality – posing a threat not only to economic growth, but also to democracy.

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