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Brahma Chellaney

Brahma Chellaney

Writing for PS since 2009
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Brahma Chellaney, Professor Emeritus of Strategic Studies at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research and Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin, is the author of nine books, including Water: Asia’s New Battleground (Georgetown University Press, 2011), for which he won the 2012 Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Book Award.

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  1. The South China Sea Could Boil Over
    chellaney173_STRAFP via Getty Images_chinanavysouthchinasea STR/AFP via Getty Images

    The South China Sea Could Boil Over

    Mar 20, 2024 Brahma Chellaney blames successive US administrations for enabling Chinese President Xi Jinping's aggressive expansionism.

  2. The Coming Taiwan Crisis
    chellaney172_GREG BAKERAFP via Getty Images_taiwan strait GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images

    The Coming Taiwan Crisis

    Feb 7, 2024 Brahma Chellaney worries that the island’s subjugation will be gradual, with no US-led response coming until it is too late.

  3. A World on Edge in 2024
    chellaney171_Sawayasu TsujiGetty Images_taiwanelection Sawayasu Tsuji/Getty Images

    A World on Edge in 2024

    Jan 16, 2024 Brahma Chellaney foresees a major geopolitical reconfiguration shaped significantly by upcoming elections around the world.

  4. Biden’s Flawed Myanmar Policy
    chellaney170_STRAFP via Getty Images_myanmar STRAFP via Getty Images

    Biden’s Flawed Myanmar Policy

    Dec 18, 2023 Brahma Chellaney thinks America’s uncompromisingly punitive approach to the country’s military junta is counterproductive.

  5. The Wars of the New World Order
    yu63_FREDERIC J. BROWNAFP via Getty Images_us china trade FREDERIC J. BROWNAFP via Getty Images

    The Wars of the New World Order

    Nov 10, 2023 Brahma Chellaney examines the forces and trends that are driving a global geopolitical reckoning.

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  1. fischer215_Mostafa AlkharoufAnadolu via Getty Images_tel aviv iran attack Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu via Getty Images

    The Gaza War Goes Global

    Joschka Fischer considers the implications of Iran’s unprecedented decision to launch a direct strike on Israeli territory.
  2. nyirinkindi1_ISAAC KASAMANIAFP via Getty Images_women phone fintech ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP via Getty Images

    Gender-Neutral Fintech Isn’t Working for Women

    Emmanuel Nyirinkindi & Jessica Schnabel show that the industry is not fully delivering on its promise to accelerate financial inclusion.
  3. evans72_Alex WongGetty Images_palestine statehood Alex Wong/Getty Images

    The Urgency of Palestinian Statehood

    Gareth Evans explains why formal international recognition is crucial to ending the intolerable status quo.
  4. schiffrin10_Mark WilsonGetty Images_journalists Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Quality Journalism Is More Important than Ever

    Anya Schiffrin, et al. explain how policymakers can support rigorous, objective reporting, just as they provide other public goods.
  5. wei60_MANJUNATH KIRANAFP via Getty Images_india population MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP via Getty Images

    Is India’s Economy Overhyped?

    Shang-Jin Wei argues that the country’s rapid development, while undeniable, conceals deeper structural problems.
  6. krake1_Celal GunesAnadolu via Getty Images_spring meetings Celal Gunes/Anadolu via Getty Images

    Negotiating a Bigger, Better World Bank

    Michael Krake & Wempi Saputra explain how a new framework will nudge countries to invest in projects that deliver global public goods.
  7. redford1_Getty Images_earth conservation Getty Images

    The Ozone Layer’s Recovery Shows How to Protect the Planet

    Robert Redford & Xiye Bastida highlight the critical role of international cooperation in preserving the planet’s habitability.
  8. kuttab59_AFP via Getty Images_hamas war AFP via Getty Images

    The Middle East Needs a Ceasefire Now

    Daoud Kuttab explains why the latest escalation could lead to a truce instead of an all-out military showdown.
  9. moreiradasilva2_JOHN WESSELSAFP via Getty Images_internally displaced mozambique JOHN WESSELS/AFP via Getty Images

    Overcoming the Development-Project Implementation Gap

    Jorge Moreira da Silva highlights ways to strengthen the International Development Association’s already-powerful impact.

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