Saturday, February 25, 2017
  1. Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection

    Anatole Kaletsky

    Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection


     agrees with the former UK prime minister that the Brexit debate needs to be restarted.

    Newsart for Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection
    The former UK leader’s recent call for voters to rethink leaving the EU is an Emperor’s New Clothes moment. Blair is now an unpopular figure, but his voice is loud enough to carry above the crowd of flatterers assuring Prime Minister Theresa May that her naked gamble with Britain’s future is clad in democratic finery. READ MORE
  2. Europe’s Critical Elections

    Guy Verhofstadt

    Europe’s Critical Elections


     expects a strong, but not decisive, showing for Dutch, French, and German populists this year.

    WIlders Le Pen and Fauke Petry Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, and Germany will be held in what is arguably the most febrile political environment since the EU’s creation. The post-war liberal democratic order is under threat everywhere, but particularly in Europe, where an alternative to populism is urgently needed. READ MORE
  3. How Trumpocracy Corrupts Democracy

    Sandra Navidi

    How Trumpocracy Corrupts Democracy


     uses network science to examine the threat posed to America by its current president.

    Trump in SC Sean Rayford/Stringer
    American democracy is a complex, self-organizing system, and its president is a “superhub”: the most well-connected human “node,” located in the center of the network. While Donald Trump does not have control over the entire system, he has enough influence that he could cause it to fail. READ MORE
  4. How to Survive the Trump Era

    Joseph E. Stiglitz
  5. Navigating the Trumpscape

    Michael Mandelbaum

    Navigating the Trumpscape


     shares five guidelines for assessing the administration's performance now and in the months ahead.

    To say that US President Donald Trump’s administration made waves in its initial weeks would be an understatement. But general guidelines, rather than discreet events, are a better way to assess the new administration's performance so far. READ MORE
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