Wednesday, August 31, 2016
  1. May’s Day

    Chris Patten

    May’s Day


     extols UK Prime Minister Theresa May, but fears the forces of populism will overwhelm her.

    Newsart for May’s Day Adam Berry/Stringer

    Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, faces a monumental task: fulfilling voters’ demand to “Brexit” the EU, and dealing with the far-reaching consequences of that effort. She will need to muster all of her considerable knowledge, skill, and political capital – and even that may not be enough to succeed. READ MORE

  2. Reason in the Age of Trump

    Ana Palacio

    Reason in the Age of Trump


     advocates a political strategy for upholding rationality and the rule of law.

    Newsart for Reason in the Age of Trump Angelo Merendino/Stringer

    The proliferation of irrationality in decision-making – reflected in the Brexit vote and the rise of Donald Trump – should be a wake-up call to rational leaders everywhere. To prevent our societies from being lured onto the rocks by the siren song of charisma and nostalgia, we must make a strong case for the rule of law. READ MORE

  3. Trump’s Train Wreck

    Elizabeth Drew

    Trump’s Train Wreck


     is skeptical that the candidate's latest staffing shakeup will right his faltering campaign.

    Newsart for Trump’s Train Wreck Darren McCollester/Stringer

    Donald Trump’s new campaign leadership will not yield a new, more disciplined and coherent candidate, but rather more of the same. In particular, his appointment of Steven Bannon – a divisive tabloid journalist who has never participated in a national political campaign – suggests that Trump is desperate, scared, and lost. READ MORE

  4. The Siren Song of “Strongmania”

    Minxin Pei
  5. Sarkozy’s Campaign of Fear

    Dominique Moisi

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