Wednesday, March 1, 2017
  1. A Step Back from Trump’s Start

    Michael J. Boskin

    A Step Back from Trump’s Start


     is optimistic about the new US president's agenda, despite early and avoidable stumbles.

    Newsart for A Step Back from Trump’s Start
    During the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency, the US media has been “all Trump, all the time.” And they’ve had plenty of fuel: as Trump has moved to “shake up” Washington, DC, he has made some serious – and avoidable – mistakes. READ MORE
  2. The Three Trumps

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    The Three Trumps


     weaves a seamless whole out of the Russian lackey, venal mogul, and demagogue now leading America.

    Never in recent history has a change of leadership attracted as much attention and speculation as Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency. What this change signifies and what it portends requires unraveling three mysteries, because there are three versions of Trump. READ MORE
  3. Liberal Democracy in Retreat?

    Christopher R. Hill

    Liberal Democracy in Retreat?


     is confident that a resilient set of values and institutions will outlast the Trump presidency.

    Trump governors' dinner Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images
    US President Donald Trump would do well to study the US Constitution and other founding documents, to acquaint himself with the central tenets of liberal democracy. But the current political moment should also serve as an occasion for Americans to reflect on their country’s history and its role in the world. READ MORE
  4. How Trump is Testing Democracy

    Koichi Hamada

    How Trump is Testing Democracy


     worries that the US Constitution, for all its resilience, may not withstand the new president.

    Trump at CPAC conference The Washington Post
    Donald Trump is not just challenging political convention to “shake things up”; he is testing the foundations of US democracy. If he manages to identify a weak point, all assumptions about the US and its global role could change substantially. READ MORE
  5. Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection

    Anatole Kaletsky

    Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection


     agrees with the former UK prime minister that the Brexit debate needs to be restarted.

    Newsart for Tony Blair’s Democratic Insurrection
    The former UK leader’s recent call for voters to rethink leaving the EU is an Emperor’s New Clothes moment. Blair is now an unpopular figure, but his voice is loud enough to carry above the crowd of flatterers assuring Prime Minister Theresa May that her naked gamble with Britain’s future is clad in democratic finery. READ MORE
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