Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  1. How to Survive the Trump Era

    Joseph E. Stiglitz
  2. Navigating the Trumpscape

    Michael Mandelbaum

    Navigating the Trumpscape


     shares five guidelines for assessing the administration's performance now and in the months ahead.

    To say that US President Donald Trump’s administration made waves in its initial weeks would be an understatement. But general guidelines, rather than discreet events, are a better way to assess the new administration's performance so far. READ MORE
  3. Macron the Maverick

    Kemal Derviş

    Macron the Maverick


     thinks the upstart independent French presidential candidate could overturn the populist applecart.

    Emmanuel Macron Chesnot/Getty Images
    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has positioned himself against the old left and the old right, but he is neither a left- or right-wing populist, nor a traditional centrist. If he wins, he could give hope to those around the world who are anxious about the rising tide of populism and hyper-nationalism. READ MORE
  4. Donald Trump’s Dark Art of the Tweet

    Joseph S. Nye
  5. Trump’s Chaos Theory of Government

    Jacek Rostowski

    Trump’s Chaos Theory of Government


     sees a much larger agenda than just nationalist politics driving the Trump administration.

    Bannon and Conway Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
    In the weeks since Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, it has become clear that he and his chief adviser, Stephen Bannon, intend to roll back liberal egalitarianism – and not just in America. Their ideological project should worry progressives and conservatives alike. READ MORE
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