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  • Many political and economic certainties were upended in 2013. Reversing Gears covers the issues at the source with commentaries by Hassan Rouhani on Iran’s new international posture, Shinzo Abe on Japan’s “Abenomics,” Park Geun-hye on inter-Korean relations, George Osborne on British austerity, Daniel Yergin on US shale energy, George Soros on Germany’s European policy, and many more.

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    yearahead2014_Peter MacdiarmidGetty Images Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
    1. stiglitz176_MD Flickr_euroshadowstatue MD/Flickr

      An Agenda to Save the Euro

      Joseph E. Stiglitz says that the Europe will not recover unless and until the eurozone is fundamentally reformed.
    2. wolf67_Steve Fecht Zuma Press_marybarra Steve Fecht/Zuma Press

      The Girl Can’t Help It

      Naomi Wolf decodes the sexist media coverage of Mary Barra's appointment as CEO of GM.
    3. gates5_Ashraf Amra APA Zuma Press_babyvaccine Ashraf Amra/APA/Zuma Press

      The Emerging World’s Vaccine Pioneers

      Bill Gates describes how emerging-country vaccine suppliers are driving down costs and boosting life-saving output.
    4. soros87_kamonrat Flickr_shippingcontainers kamonrat/Flickr

      The World Economy’s Shifting Challenges

      George Soros maps the terrain of a global economy that is increasingly shaped by China.
    5. annan4_Andreas Solaro_Migrants rescued by Topaz Responder Andreas Solaro/Getty Images

      Sympathy for the Migrant

      Kofi A. Annan calls for a new understanding of migration as an essential part of the human experience.
    6. letta3_Eu flag

      A Future Made in Europe

      Enrico Letta appeals for policies that take advantage of the manufacturing sector's potential to revitalize the European economy.
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    8. yamani31_Ahmad Zaihan bin Amran Shutterstock_saudiarabiamecca Ahmad Zaihan bin Amran/Shutterstock

      The Bewildered Kingdom

      Mai Yamani assesses Saudi Arabia's increasingly assertive regional foreign policy since the start of the Arab Spring.
    9. basu9_Alex Proimos_wallstreetsignflags Alex Proimos

      The Fear of “L”

      Kaushik Basu gets inside the resistance of economists and policymakers to innovative thinking.
    10. abe2_Lucas SchifresGetty Images_chinastockmarket Lucas Schifres/Getty Images

      Japan’s Coming “Wage Surprise”

      Abe Shinzō unveils a concerted effort to raise Japanese workers' pay.
    11. osborne1_unionjackbritishflag

      Britain Fights Back

      George Osborne talks up the measures that the UK has adopted to restore economic competitiveness and ensure long-term prosperity.
    12. gpark1_Stephen Shaver Zuma Press_koreasoldier Stephen Shaver/Zuma Press

      Reinventing the Inter-Korean Relationship

      Park Geun-hye lays out her government's plan for building trust between North and South Korea.
    13. barton1_Willy Deganello Shutterstock_motherboarddata Willy Deganello/Shutterstock

      Age of Disruption

      Dominic Barton explains why the global impact of the data revolution will surpass that of the Industrial Revolution.

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