Friday, May 26, 2017
  1. Rethinking the Next China

    Stephen S. Roach
  2. Iran’s Long Economic Journey

    Hassan Hakimian

    Iran’s Long Economic Journey


     considers the economic challenges that await President Hassan Rouhani in his second term.

    Newsart for Iran’s Long Economic Journey Majid Saeedi/Getty Images
    The landslide re-election of Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, reflects the by now familiar pattern of continuity and change that has characterized Iran’s major elections over the last two decades. But it also stands out in one key way: Rouhani has remained popular despite pursuing painful macroeconomic stabilization. READ MORE
  3. Maintaining Growth in a Fast-Aging Asia

    Changyong Rhee
  4. Understanding Today’s Stagnation

    Robert J. Shiller

    Understanding Today’s Stagnation


     thinks that long-term fears about the future of employment are keeping household spending down.

    factory building Spencer Platt/Getty Images
    One explanation for today’s stagnation focuses on growing angst about new technologies that could eventually replace many or most of our jobs, fueling massive economic inequality. People may be increasingly reluctant to spend today because they have vague fears about their employability tomorrow. READ MORE
  5. How to Be an Open Economy

    Michael Spence

    How to Be an Open Economy


     counsels policymakers on how to manage the structural changes caused by trade and technology.

    NY Stock exchange Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images
    Because changing technologies and trade patterns can be both beneficial and disruptive, countries must strike a balance between the abstract principle of openness and concrete measures to limit their negative impact. To this end, policymakers should be mindful of not just how but when they implement structural reforms. READ MORE
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