Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  1. America’s Exploding Deficit

    Martin Feldstein

    America’s Exploding Deficit


     warns that the cost of the US debt ratio could soar if investors demand higher interest rates.

    Newsart for America’s Exploding Deficit Bloomberg/Getty Images

    Although the US debt-to-GDP ratio doubled in the past decade, the Obama administration and Congress ignored the problem, focusing instead on the annual deficit’s decline since 2012 and the relative stability of the deficit as a share of GDP. But the debt should be a top priority for whoever moves into the White House next year. READ MORE

  2. The Global Economy’s Hesitation Blues

    Robert J. Shiller
  3. How Slow Will China Go?

    Lee Jong-Wha

    How Slow Will China Go?


     believes that, with the right approach, the Asian giant can avoid its neighbors' mistakes.

    Newsart for How Slow Will China Go? Zhang Peng/Getty Images

    While China's economic development has been exceptional in many ways, its growth trajectory resembles that of Japan and South Korea. If China is to manage the challenges it currently faces – in particular, sharply decelerating growth – it should look to these countries' experience for guidance. READ MORE

  4. The Failure of Free Migration

    Robert Skidelsky

    The Failure of Free Migration


     argues that anti-immigrant sentiment reflects the shortcomings of neoliberal faith in markets.

    Newsart for The Failure of Free Migration Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images

    The horrendous Bastille Day attack in Nice by a French-Tunisian man will give National Front leader Marine Le Pen a massive boost in France's presidential election next spring. Even if she loses, the era of free labor mobility is drawing to a close – another casualty of neoliberalism's misplaced faith in markets. READ MORE

  5. Unburdening the Facebook Generation

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    Unburdening the Facebook Generation


     urges young people to participate in politics, lest older generations steal their future.

    Newsart for Unburdening the Facebook Generation Bloomberg/Getty Images

    The outcome of the UK’s Brexit referendum is but another reminder of a yawning generational divide that cuts across political affiliation, income levels, and race. Once again, young people have gotten the short end of the political stick – mainly because they couldn't be bothered to care about their own wellbeing. READ MORE

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