Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  1. Reducing Inequality and Poverty in America

    Martin Feldstein

    Reducing Inequality and Poverty in America


     identifies an approach that achieves results without undermining work incentives.

    Newsart for Reducing Inequality and Poverty in America Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    The current election season in the US has reflected widespread concern about inequality. Reducing poverty, rather than penalizing earned success, is the right focus for dealing with it, and that means devising ways to boost participation in government programs to help the poor, while avoiding adverse effects on work incentives. READ MORE

  2. The Politics of Negative Interest Rates

    Yanis Varoufakis
  3. Reform or Divorce in Europe

    Joseph E. Stiglitz
  4. China’s Painful Structural Transformation

    Zhang Jun
  5. China’s Corporate-Debt Challenge

    David Lipton

    China’s Corporate-Debt Challenge


     urges fast and decisive action to restructure companies, lest bigger problems arise.

    China debt VCG/Getty Images

    Next month, when China hosts the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, its voice will be one of the loudest calling for structural reforms to stimulate growth in advanced and emerging-market economies. But China faces its own hazards: above all, domestic credit is expanding at an unsustainable pace, with corporate debt reaching dangerous levels. READ MORE

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