United Nations-run school in the Al-Shatee refugee camp Mohammed Abed/Getty Images

The Urgency of Refugee Education

Of the 17.2 million refugees that the UN Refugee Agency seeks to protect, roughly half are school-age children. But while conflict and violence is robbing them of their childhoods, many are also being denied a future, largely as a result of the international community's unfulfilled commitments to funding education for the displaced.

GENEVA – The world’s refugee crisis is most often measured in numbers. But for young refugees missing out on an education, the crisis can also be tracked by an irreversible metric: the passage of time. Of the 17.2 million people that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency) is responsible for protecting, roughly half are under the age of 18, meaning that an entire generation of young people, already robbed of their childhood, could lose out on a future as well.