Sunday, August 20, 2017

Anas Alhajji

Anas Alhajji is an energy economist and the former chief economist at NGP Energy Capital Management.

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Newsart for Oil’s Upward March
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Oil’s Upward March

The global oil market has become a large sea that generates its own storms, which guarantee that the sea will continue to grow. Looking at recent history, one can identify four factors that will conti… read more

Newsart for An Inconvenient Truth about OPEC
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An Inconvenient Truth about OPEC

The three major organizations that forecast long-term oil demand and supply, along with oil companies and consulting firms, believe that OPEC will reconcile predicted global demand and non-OPEC supply… read more

Newsart for Invitation to an Energy Crisis
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Invitation to an Energy Crisis

One has only to examine the recent past to see why market fundamentals matter in determining oil prcies. And, as OPEC’s crude oil exports decline, rising consumption in the oil-producing countries forc… read more

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