Riding in Cabs with: Paola Subacchi


Since failing to predict the 2008 financial crisis, economists’ standing has taken a severe hit. Former editor of The Economist John Andrews joins Paola Subacchi, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, to talk about the crisis in the profession.

  1. verhofstadt40_PAULFAITHAFPGettyImages_borisjohnsonspeakingarms Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

    Boris’s Big Lie

    Guy Verhofstadt

    While Boris Johnson, the likely successor to British Prime Minister Theresa May, takes his country down a path of diminished trade, the European Union is negotiating one of the largest free-trade agreements in the world. One really has to wonder what the "buccaneering" Brexiteers have to complain about.

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