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  • World-renowned thinkers and leaders address the defining political, economic, scientific, and cultural developments of the previous 12 months and suggest what to expect in 2018.

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      Will the Center Hold?

      Lawrence H. Summers foresees a catatrophic political scenario if a financial crisis erupts or a recession takes hold.
    2. afriedman13_mag2018_GettyImages-92299734 Getty Images

      Will Monetary Policy Trigger Another Financial Crisis?

      Alex Friedman identifies legacy risks from a decade of unconventional measures that central banks will soon roll back.
    3. deaton5_mag2018_GettyImages-93332459 Getty Images

      How Inequality Works

      Angus Deaton identifies several factors behind the stagnation of median wages and soaring incomes at the top.
    4. rajan52_mag2018_GettyImages-80138365 Getty Images

      Central Banks’ Year of Reckoning

      Raghuram G. Rajan assesses the track record of unconventional monetary policies now that reliance on them is diminishing.
    5. stiglitz238_mag2018_GettyImages-697527658 Getty Images

      The Global Economy’s Risky Recovery

      Joseph E. Stiglitz predicts that growth will continue to pick up worldwide in 2018, but that longer-term dangers are looming.
    6. brown45_GettyImages-810201738 Getty Images

      A New Balance for the Global Age

      Gordon Brown argues that international cooperation must account for the concerns of national sovereignty.
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      A Year of Renewed Climate Commitments

      Laurence Tubiana is optimistic about global efforts to meet the goals of the Paris agreement – with or without the US.
    9. monga1_mag2018_GettyImages-82979752 Getty Images

      Africa, the Business Deal of the Century

      Célestin Monga touts the global benefits of increased investment in developing the continent’s manufacturing capacity.
    10. kschwab14_mag2018_GettyImages-633538892 Getty Images

      Agile Governance for a Fractured World

      Klaus Schwab thinks policymakers will need to act more like start-ups to meet the challenges of rapid change.
    11. koike83_GettyImages-840672852 Getty Images

      Asia’s Cities Against North Korea

      Yuriko Koike calls on the region’s municipal leaders to help mitigate the threat posed by Kim Jong-un’s rogue regime.
    12. furman1_mag2018_GettyImages-83063986 Getty Images

      Can Economic Policy Solve Economic Problems?

      Jason Furman says it’s time to stop lying to voters about what policymakers – even the most innovative – can achieve.
    13. indrawati6_mag2018_GettyImages-640093032 Getty Images

      East Asia’s Rising Star

      Sri Mulyani Indrawati says strong macroeconomic performance has positioned Indonesia for further political and economic progress.

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