Tuesday, August 30, 2016
  1. The Future of the Anti-Doping Fight

    Maléne Lindholm
  2. The Hidden Danger of Big Data

    Carlo Ratti, ET AL

    The Hidden Danger of Big Data

    & 5

    &  warn against optimizing society for total efficiency, at the expense of chance discoveries.

    Newsart for The Hidden Danger of Big Data John Lund/Getty Images

    With big data, we can multiply our options and filter out things we don’t want to see. But there is much to be said for making discoveries through pure serendipity: contingency and randomness often furnish the transformational or counterintuitive ideas that propel humanity forward. READ MORE

  3. Internet or Splinternet?

    Joseph S. Nye

    Internet or Splinternet?


     lauds recent moves toward a multi-stakeholder approach to the global governance of cyberspace.

    Newsart for Internet or Splinternet? Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

    The importance of the Internet – to individuals, societies, companies, and economies – cannot be overstated. But, as a recent report by the Global Commission on Internet Governance shows, it is at risk of costly fragmentation, as national governments establish control over the parts of it within their borders. READ MORE

  4. The Kismet of Basic Science

    Henry I. Miller
  5. China’s Scientific Revolution

    Joseph Jimenez

    China’s Scientific Revolution


     predicts that the country will be the next global leader in medical research.

    Newsart for China’s Scientific Revolution Bloomberg/ Getty Images

    China's economy has undergone radical transformation in recent years, and it is now at a new threshold where it can support world-class research in science and technology. As Chinese consumers continue to demand more medical treatments, China will play an increasingly central role in the life-sciences research of the future. READ MORE

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