Sunday, July 24, 2016
  1. The Kismet of Basic Science

    Henry I. Miller
  2. China’s Scientific Revolution

    Joseph Jimenez

    China’s Scientific Revolution


     predicts that the country will be the next global leader in medical research.

    Newsart for China’s Scientific Revolution Bloomberg/ Getty Images

    China's economy has undergone radical transformation in recent years, and it is now at a new threshold where it can support world-class research in science and technology. As Chinese consumers continue to demand more medical treatments, China will play an increasingly central role in the life-sciences research of the future. READ MORE

  3. Innovation and Its Discontents

    Calestous Juma

    Innovation and Its Discontents


     asks why so many people, in and out of power, reject technological progress.

    Newsart for Innovation and Its Discontents Matthias Oesterle/ Getty Images

    Technological innovation is often extolled for its power to overcome major development challenges, fuel economic growth, and propel societies forward. Yet innovations frequently face high barriers to implementation, with governments sometimes banning new technologies outright – even those that could bring far-reaching benefits. READ MORE

  4. The Future of Computing

    Bruno Michel

    The Future of Computing


     explains how coming generations of chips and processors will mimic – and enhance – the human brain.

    Newsart for The Future of Computing Bloomberg/ Getty Images

    Ever since the American computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955, the public has imagined a future of sentient computers and robots that think and act like humans. Though that remains a distant prospect, the foreseeable frontier of computing is no less exciting. READ MORE

  5. Doing Well by Doing Good

    Ethiopis Tafara

    Doing Well by Doing Good


     examines some of the growing number of companies that are making profits and improving the world.

    Social corporate responsibility Bloomberg/Getty Images

    In the years ahead, successful companies will take the lead in tackling the most urgent development challenges of our time – everything from poverty and disease to climate change. The trick is to identify solutions that address such challenges in ways that are profitable and sustainable in the long run – and then scale them up. READ MORE

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