Wednesday, April 26, 2017
  1. Germany’s Coming Silver Age

    Michael Heise

    Germany’s Coming Silver Age


     warns policymakers that increased immigration will not eliminate the need for entitlement reforms.

    Elderly Germans Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Record levels of migration to Germany over the last two years have called into question population projections. But because German society will still continue to age in the coming decades, policymakers must resist the temptation to postpone or water down politically painful retirement and pension-policy decisions. READ MORE
  2. Confronting a New Era of Anti-Semitism

    Michael Burleigh

    Confronting a New Era of Anti-Semitism


     finds hope in World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder's efforts to combat hate worldwide.

    jewish cemetary vandalized Mark Makela/Getty Images
    In recent years, there has been a worrying upsurge of anti-Semitic incidents, including threats to, or actual attacks on, synagogues and other Jewish institutions, and the desecration of graves in US cities. But even in these troubled times, rays of hope can be found in unexpected places – like Germany and Russia. READ MORE
  3. Ideological Infarctions

    Andrés Velasco

    Ideological Infarctions


     explains why our political narratives so often end up disabling us.

    Jeremy Corbyn on bus Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
    If the predictions of a narrative or ideology conflict with reality, one can either change the narrative or change the facts. The second option arises – and today is arising more often – because ideologies are not just learning devices; they also serve social and psychological purposes. READ MORE
  4. Russia’s Nonprofit Spies

    Robert Skidelsky

    Russia’s Nonprofit Spies


     traces the country's law on foreign agents to a legacy of imperial paranoia and cultural insularity.

    russia protest 2011 Alexander Aleshkin/Epsilon/Getty Images
    Nothing riles up Western observers of Russia today as much as its law on foreign agents, which requires non-commercial organizations engaged in undefined “political activities” to register as “carrying functions of a foreign agent.” So what accounts for Russians' suspicion of organizations with external ties? READ MORE
  5. The October Revolution in Post-Truth Russia

    Andrei Kolesnikov

    The October Revolution in Post-Truth Russia


     predicts how President Vladimir Putin will exploit the commemoration of this year's centenary.

    Vladimir Putin statue moscow Mikhail Klimentyev/TASS/Getty Images
    Russia is locked in a battle between official history (the story of the state) and counter-history (the story of civil society and the memories of the people). With the centenary of the October Revolution this year, the clash will move to the center of public life. READ MORE
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109 pages

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