Wednesday, February 22, 2017
  1. Global Citizens, National Shirkers

    Dani Rodrik

    Global Citizens, National Shirkers


     rejects cosmopolitanism when it substitutes for winning domestic policy battles on their merits.

    May and Merkel Leon Neal/Getty Images
    Cosmopolitans often come across like the character from Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov who discovers that the more he loves humanity in general, the less he likes people in particular. Global citizens should be wary that their lofty goals do not turn into an excuse for shirking their duties toward their compatriots. READ MORE
  2. The New Anti-Semitism

    Ian Buruma

    The New Anti-Semitism


     sees clear parallels between Nazi propaganda and the Trump administration's Islamophobia.

    Muslim ban protest Zach Gibson/Stringer
    Those who have been telling us that Islam, not just revolutionary Islamism, is a lethal threat to Western civilization should now feel satisfied: the US president and his main advisers agree with them. Less than a century ago, the same arguments were used to exclude and persecute Jews. READ MORE
  3. The Female Resistance

    Sławomir Sierakowski

    The Female Resistance


     reflects on why women have emerged as a powerful opponent of populists in the West.

    Abortion protest Warsaw Gallo Images
    Antagonism is mounting between today’s right-wing populists and a somewhat unexpected but formidable opponent: women. In the US, much like in Poland, women’s rights have been among the first targets of populist leaders – and women are not having it. READ MORE
  4. Harnessing the Politics of Disruption

    Mark Leonard

    Harnessing the Politics of Disruption


     asks how we can create the new institutions that young and old alike are demanding.

    Woman protesting Trump The Washington Post
    Donald Trump's election as US president and the UK's Brexit vote revealed a deep generational divide. But while cosmopolitan millennials and nationalist pensioners may seem to be staring at one another across an abyss, they have one thing in common: at the root of their frustration is a failure of political representation. READ MORE
  5. Harnessing the Hope of Social Science

    Helga Nowotny
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