Friday, July 29, 2016
  1. Fighting Poverty in America

    Laura Tyson, ET AL

    Fighting Poverty in America

    & 1

    &  advocate for rigorous quantitative assessment of public and government-supported programs.

    Newsart for Fighting Poverty in America Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    The US is a global outlier in tying much of its social safety net to employment, with social-welfare spending averaging just 16% of GDP, compared to 23% in Europe. With inequality and income distribution looming large in the run-up to November’s presidential and congressional elections, it's time for the US to assess what works. READ MORE

  2. Sexual Violence and Justice in Liberia

    Peace A. Medie
  3. Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream

    Bo Lidegaard

    Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream


     thinks the US can emulate the Nordic countries' success in ensuring high employment at decent pay.

    Newsart for Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream Francis Dean/Getty Images

    Hillary Clinton dismissed Nordic welfare economies in a Democratic primary debate last fall, underscoring one of her biggest differences with Bernie Sanders. But these economies have been successful in guarding against precisely the kind of populist anger that Clinton will face in November. READ MORE

  4. The Strange Death of Turkish Secularism

    Shlomo Avineri

    The Strange Death of Turkish Secularism


     maps out the goals of the Erdoğan government's crackdown following the failed coup.

    Newsart for The Strange Death of Turkish Secularism Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

    Turkey's failed coup is likely to reinforce the illiberal democracy emerging under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in which majoritarian rule runs counter to pluralism, human rights, and freedom of speech. The stability of such a system in Turkey – where hostility to Erdoğan is strong – remains to be seen. READ MORE

  5. The Tokyo the World Needs

    Yuriko Koike

    The Tokyo the World Needs


     would model the world's largest city on its cosmopolitan incarnation in the early twentieth century.

    Newsart for The Tokyo the World Needs Xun Zhang/Getty Images

    The 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo are an occasion for the city's residents to consider how they want to be seen by the world, and how they see themselves. They should consider the Games a defining moment, just as the 1964 Games were a defining moment for postwar Japan. READ MORE

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