Monday, December 5, 2016
  1. Training for Gender Equality

    Arib Ali Al-Mandhari

    Training for Gender Equality


     recommends strategies for empowering women to play a more active role in Middle Eastern societies.

    Female dentist students Kaveh Kazemi/Getty Images

    Achieving gender equality in the Middle East will be a long process, requiring fundamental educational, social, and economic reforms. But giving women the right training now can kick-start the process, enabling more women finally to reach their potential – to the benefit of all. READ MORE

  2. A Scientific Outlook for a Post-Factual World

    Helga Nowotny

    A Scientific Outlook for a Post-Factual World


     says that the best way to manage uncertainty is to embrace it in the spirit of free inquiry.

    Zuckerberg at F8 Conference AFP/Stringer

    In a climate of fear, the rules of public discourse become obsolete, and the open horizon of possible futures is narrowed to a single escape route that fear-mongers have decided is the only way forward. This is a poor way to cope with uncertainty, and it stands in striking contrast to the methods of science and free inquiry. READ MORE

  3. Donald Trump’s Brave New World

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    Donald Trump’s Brave New World


     traces the course of US voters' declining capacity to distinguish lived reality from the virtual kind.

    Exterior of trump towers Peter Kramer/Getty Images

    With the election of Trump, who has named a white supremacist as his chief adviser, America could become a very ugly country. But even if Trump stops short of neo-fascism, voters, so busy sharing fake news on social media, could gradually lose their remaining capacity to distinguish between lived reality and its virtual shadow. READ MORE

  4. The Case for Legalizing Sex Work

    Peter Singer

    The Case for Legalizing Sex Work


     argues that repealing laws criminalizing the industry would reduce harm and boost public welfare.

    Prostitutes in Thailand Paula Bronstein/Stringer

    Amnesty International's appeal in May for governments to decriminalize sex work was met with a storm of protest. But most of the opposition reflects moralistic prejudices, whether based on religion or an idealistic form of feminism, not the best interests of sex workers or the public. READ MORE

  5. Populism for the Rich

    Ian Buruma

    Populism for the Rich


     discerns in populism an amalgam of mass economic anxiety and the social rage of elite arrivistes.

    Poverty Protest in front of Bucharest Parliament Daniel Mihailescu/Getty Images

    Modern populism is often described as a new class war between the beneficiaries of a globalized world and those who feel left behind. But the newly rich are as important a force in the rise of populism as the poorer and less educated people who feel neglected by the elites. READ MORE

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