Saturday, June 24, 2017
  1. Reinventing the French People

    Bernard-Henri Lévy
  2. The Real Side of Fake News

    Steven Rosenbaum

    The Real Side of Fake News


     highlights the leading role that sites such as Reddit play as conduits for misinformation online.

    Newsart for The Real Side of Fake News Bill Hinton/Getty Images
    In recent years, a growing share of what arrives on our digital doorstep belongs to the category of so-called fake news. But a serviceable label for a very real problem does not tell us if we really are living in a “post-truth” world; and, if so, whom we should hold responsible. READ MORE
  3. How Populists Win When They Lose

    Jan-Werner Mueller

    How Populists Win When They Lose


     shines a light on mainstream conservatives' role in the victory of Brexit and Donald Trump.

    populists Roberto Pfeil/AFP/Getty Images
    The present is not remotely comparable to the interwar period, and today’s populists are not fascists. But the lesson from that era still holds: the choices made by established conservative elites, as much as the challenges posed by insurgent outsiders, determine the fate of democracy. READ MORE
  4. Emmanuel Macron and the Post-Revolutionary Idea

    Bernard-Henri Lévy

    Emmanuel Macron and the Post-Revolutionary Idea


     argues that the French president's rise marks the end of a centuries-old conception of politics.

    Macron Christophe Petit Tesson/AFP/Getty Images
    How did a political novice, seemingly fated to preside over a thousand and one shaky coalitions, usher some 400 deputies into the 577-seat National Assembly under the banner of what was still, just a few months ago, virtually a party of one? The answer is to be found far from France – and four decades removed from the present. READ MORE
  5. The Global Age of Complexity

    Andrew Sheng, ET AL

    The Global Age of Complexity

    & 7

    &  argue for a new, non-deterministic paradigm to manage twenty-first-century economics and politics.

    globe Umar Aslam/EyeEm/Getty Images
    Humanity's growing frustration with embedded systemic problems – from pollution to economic inequality – would demand change in the best of times. At a time when our power of creation – matched by our power of destruction – has reached unprecedented levels, a new, non-deterministic worldview could not be more urgent. READ MORE
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110 pages

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