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Europe Must Act Against US-Backed “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

When undercover reporters, posing as vulnerable pregnant women, were sent into the centers in 18 countries across Europe, Africa, and Latin America, they consistently received wildly misleading and false information about abortion and contraception. And what openDemocracy’s investigation found is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

LONDON – In Europe, if you go to a public hospital seeking medical advice, you expect accurate, science-based information. You expect the staff attending you to be professionally trained and certified. You’d have similar expectations on university campuses, in schools, women’s shelters, or other state-run facilities, right? 

Think again. In a new report, the global news site openDemocracy reveals how women and girls are being given “misinformation and manipulation” on an extraordinary scale in “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) around the world.

Supported by powerful American activists with close ties to President Donald Trump’s administration, and often made to look like health clinics, many of these centers claim to offer pregnant women unbiased “advice.” In fact, staff aim to dissuade women from having legal abortions, and in some cases, from accessing contraception.