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America Is (Sort of) Back

From its botched pandemic response to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, America’s political dysfunction has lately been on stark display. And that is only one obstacle President Joe Biden's administration faces in pursuing a robust foreign policy.

TEL AVIV – In the first foreign-policy speech of his presidency, Joe Biden had a simple message for the world: “America is back.” But restoring the credibility of US diplomacy and implementing an effective foreign policy will be an uphill battle.

To his credit, Biden is taking steps to reverse many of Donald Trump’s most damaging policies. As he noted in his speech, he already signed the paperwork to re-join the Paris climate agreement and has reengaged with the World Health Organization.

Biden also announced the suspension of Trump’s planned troop withdrawals from Germany – a clear attempt to reassure America’s alienated European allies. Moreover, he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the days of the United States “rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions … are over.” And he pledged to end US support for the Saudi-led offensive in Yemen, and to step up diplomacy to end the catastrophic war.