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Carla Norrlöf
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This week in Say More, PS talks with Carla Norrlöf, Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto and a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Project Syndicate: You have refuted the claim – made, most prominently, by Donald Trump – that, unless NATO members meet the alliance’s defense-spending target (2% of GDP), the United States would be better off without them. What changes to NATO – including America’s role within it – would make it more effective at advancing US interests and global security?

Carla Norrlöf: NATO’s defense-spending target is appropriate in today’s security environment, and countries should be aiming for it. But the US should also look beyond financial benchmarks and value other kinds of assets, such as specialized military capabilities, advantageous geographic locations, or innovative technologies. By making the most of such diverse contributions, NATO can enhance its capabilities, adaptability, and resilience.

The goal of strengthening European strategic autonomy is also a worthy one, with the potential to ease some of the burden on the US – and possibly reduce America’s influence within NATO in the process – while amplifying NATO’s collective-defense capabilities in a dynamic security landscape.