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  • The Green Recovery focuses on what comes next, with an emphasis on biodiversity, energy, public investments, and financial and corporate governance. The recovery phase will bring far-reaching opportunities to accelerate the transition to renewable energies, reorient business and finance toward sustainable development, and reconsider our relationship with the planet. But it will also open a window for populists, nationalists, and others to exploit public anxieties and pursue zero-sum politics. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that averting the worst-case climate scenario will depend entirely on the actions taken (or not taken) in the 2020s. The stakes could not be higher.

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    1. vansteenis3_GEttyImages_stockmarketoilcrash Getty Images

      The Financial Climate Has Reached a Tipping Point

      Huw van Steenis sees disclosure standards and other financial-industry trends moving in a “greener” direction.
    2. zhou2_GettyImages_chinasolarpower Getty Images

      China’s Inevitable Low-Carbon Future

      Xizhou Zhou argues that the country's pursuit of its economic and security goals will naturally lead to lower emissions.
    3. stiglitz276_GettyImages_alexandriaocasiocortezgreendeal Getty Images

      How to Recover Green

      Joseph E. Stiglitz explains what forward-looking governments could do to turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity.
    4. amhernandez1_natureillustration

      Nature Is Our Common Ground for a Green Recovery

      Ana María Hernández Salgar sees the pandemic response and an upcoming biodiversity summit as major opportunities for collective action.
    5. mckibben3_GettyImages_dakotapipelineprotest Getty Images

      Climate Crunch Time

      Bill McKibben interviewed by Elmira Bayrasli about the past, present, and future of the environmental movement 50 years after the first Earth Day.
    6. araya5_GettyImages_chilebus Getty Images

      The Internal Combustion Bust

      Mónica Araya anticipates accelerating progress toward zero-emissions transportation in the post-pandemic era.
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    8. hthompson1_GettyImages_oilrig Getty Images

      Whither Oil?

      Helen Thompson calls for a more realistic assessment of what it will take to phase out the fossil-fuel industry.
    9. gwagner6_GettyImages_chinasmokefactory Getty Images

      The No DICE Carbon Price

      Gernot Wagner argues that while climate policies are inherently contentious, the basic science and economics should not be.
    10. henderson1_GettyImages_oilprotest Getty Images

      Shareholder Value in a Burning World

      Rebecca Henderson argues that the current model of corporate capitalism can still be made compatible with climate goals.
    11. pettifor1_GettyImages_NYSEstockmarket Getty Images

      The Need for a Great Transformation

      Ann Pettifor shows why a sustainable recovery will require an overhaul of the international financial and monetary system.
    12. ghosh24_GettyImages_colorprotest Getty Images

      A Multicolored New Deal

      Jayati Ghosh explains why the global arrangements needed for the post-pandemic era must be more than just “green.”
    13. cfigueres10_GettyImages_vonderleyenthunberg Getty Images

      The Promise of Decarbonization

      Christiana Figueres advocates policies to direct global economic recovery toward a more sustainable and resilient system.

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