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  • Global ructions have put an end to the long era of price stability and low interest rates, forcing a reconsideration of many business models and economic growth strategies. Whether old orthodoxies can be replaced by something genuinely new and better is now the trillion-dollar question.

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    1. dalessandro2_Getty Images Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

      Feminist Economics for All

      Mercedes D'Alessandro shows how a gender-conscious policymaking approach can solve a wide range of broader problems.
    2. cfigueres15_Getty Images Jon G. Fuller/VW Pics /Universal Images Group via Getty Images

      Flipping the Environmental Narrative

      Christiana Figueres explains the importance of bringing the right perspective to bear on recent progress and outstanding challenges.
    3. were1_Getty Images Fu Kun/Visual China Group via Getty Images

      African Economies in a Multipolar World

      Anzetse Were traces the continent's evolving economic relations with China and other key players.
    4. roubini4_Paradigm Shifts_Getty Images Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

      Anatomy of a Financial Meltdown

      Nouriel Roubini predicts that the credit crunch in the US would lead to a systemic financial crisis and global recession.
    5. acemoglu55_Getty Images Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

      In Search of a New Political Economy

      Daron Acemoglu identifies five questions that must be addressed to bring policymaking into the twenty-first century.
    6. gill2_Getty Images Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

      The New Threat to Prosperity Everywhere

      Indermit Gill warns against discarding an economic playbook that delivered decades of global growth and poverty reduction.
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    8. shsu1_Getty Images STR/AFP via Getty Images

      China's Economic Comeback

      Sara Hsu expects the country to get back on track quickly after three years of zero-COVID pain and paralysis.
    9. buiter44_ SAUL LOEBAFP via Getty Images_treasury SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

      A New Economic Policy Playbook

      Isabella M. Weber hopes the new openness to targeted price controls leads to broader intellectual reforms.
    10. odinga1_SIMON MAINAAFP via Getty Images_kenyasolar Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

      The New Global Investment Landscape

      Dambisa Moyo identifies the biggest risks and opportunities now that so many macroeconomic fundamentals have changed.
    11. oreilly1_Getty Images Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

      How to Think About the Future of Technology

      Tim O'Reilly proposes five ways to distinguish productive from unproductive speculative investment.
    12. whatley15_Getty Images Sadik Demiroz/Getty Images

      What’s Next for Fintech?

      Johanna M. Costigan, et al. consider what recent developments will mean for the future of technological innovation in financial services.

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