Trump travels to Warsaw Nur Photo/Getty Images

Mr. Trump Goes to Warsaw

This week, US President Donald Trump will meet with Central and Eastern European leaders at a summit in Warsaw for the Three Seas Initiative – Poland's bid for regional leadership. The Polish government is already touting Trump's trip as a victory, but it should be careful what it wishes for.

WARSAW – On Wednesday evening, US President Donald Trump will arrive in Poland, where he will meet with Central and Eastern European leaders on Thursday at a summit of the Three Seas Initiative. Also on Thursday, before heading to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, Trump will address the Polish people.

Trump’s decision to visit Warsaw is no accident, and it could have far-reaching consequences for the European Union, and for Poland’s place in it. Polish foreign policy today is torn between two competing visions. One is based on a right-wing fantasy about resurrecting the pre-World War II Intermarium project, which would give Poland an important leadership role in the region. The other, affirmed by the opposition, envisions closer cooperation within the Weimar Triangle (France, Germany, and Poland).

Still, both sides are united in their belief that Poland should have a strong alliance with the United States, and should support Ukrainian independence (though the right does harbor some grievances against Ukraine for various historical transgressions).

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