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Russia’s Looming Defeat in Ukraine

After suffering a catastrophic defeat in its initial attempt to take Kyiv and Kharkiv, in recent months Russia gained some territory in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. But on both the military and economic fronts, the war has turned south for the Kremlin.

WASHINGTON, DC – It is easy to see who is losing the most from the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Ukrainian civilians, victims of war crimes and missile terror, and the millions around the world for whom food is now more expensive, because Russia has until recently been blocking Ukrainian grain shipments through the Black Sea (and launching strikes on Ukrainian ports even after agreeing to a ceasefire). But who exactly is winning from this dreadful conflict?

The Russian authorities are behaving as if things are going well for them. Their tone is arrogant, and they respond to entreaties with disdain. Their media proxies threaten to blow up Europe one day and, when rebuked, to destroy the world the next day. And now Russia is choking off the supply of natural gas to Europe – throwing its weight around as if victory is just around the corner.

But all of this is just a bizarre delusion. In fact, Russia is losing the war badly in both military and economic terms.