Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jamie Metzl

Jamie Metzl, Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council and author of Genesis Code, served on the US National Security Council and in the US State Department during the Clinton administration.

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Newsart for Five Imperatives for the G-20
Economics 0

Five Imperatives for the G-20

To prevent another recession or worse, the leaders of the 20 wealthiest nations must take aggressive action at the G-20 summit in Seoul to develop a broad agenda for more balanced, equitable, and sust… read more

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Sri Lanka’s False Dawn

As the Sri Lankan government celebrates the first anniversary of its historic triumph over the Tamil Tigers, it is increasingly clear that the battlefield victory will prove pyrrhic unless the legitim… read more

Newsart for Will China Lead?
World Affairs 0

Will China Lead?

China’s willingness to join negotiations on potential sanctions against Iran and to send Premier Hu Jintao to a nuclear security summit in Washington this month is an encouraging sign. But, given its … read more

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