Was The Reformation Right After All?

Political disputes between Right and Left are mirrored in the Catholic Church. Five hundred years after the rise of Protestantism, little has changed. Was the reformation right after all?

Jesus says: The kingdom of God is like a field that holds an unexpected treasure. On this earth, the Church is the messenger of that kingdom – the Catholic Church. Does it, too, hold unexpected riches? Certainly not at the moment.

The bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann, has been tasked with investigating accusations of child abuse within the German Church, and with preventing new instances of abuse. Ackermann comes from the same diocese that continued to employ pedophiles as priests and in youth work, allegedly with Ackermann's knowledge. If anyone still required a clear sign that the Church is incapable of solving its own problems, this is it. Ackermann is no treasure but rather resembles a mortgage approaching default. Within his diocese, he is now known as "the little Ackermann". Parishioners seek refuge within themselves; churches remain empty.

Faith hasn't changed since Luther's times