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Will the Russia Sanctions Work?

Welcome to The Big Question, a new regular feature in which Project Syndicate commentators provide compelling answers to a timely question.

The West swiftly imposed unprecedented financial, trade, and investment sanctions against Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in late February. In a striking move, the United States, the European Union, and allies froze much of Russia’s foreign-exchange reserves, and further possible measures remain on the table.

In this Big Question, we ask Jayati Ghosh, Ricardo Hausmann, Harold James, and Shang-Jin Wei to assess the goals and likely impact of the sanctions.

Featured in this Big Question

  1. Jayati GhoshJayati Ghosh
  2. Ricardo HausmannRicardo Hausmann
  3. Harold JamesHarold James
  4. Shang-Jin WeiShang-Jin Wei

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