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The Year Ahead 2016




劳动力节约型创新早就已经存在,但其节奏有所加快。比如,全球工业机器人销量在2014年达到 225,000台,同比增长27%。但是,更具变革力量的是“劳动力连接”技术的崛起:过去三十年中的数字创新现在可以让人们在不需要移民的情况下为不同国家的雇主和企业工作。

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  1. Andia/UIG via Getty Images

    No Robo-Apocalypse

    Growing fears that automation and artificial intelligence will destroy jobs and create a “surplus population” are understandable. But whether the future of work will serve the many instead of the few is not up to the robots; it is up to us.

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