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Shanghai shopping Yang Jianzheng/VCG via Getty Images

Is China’s Economic Miracle Over?

The Big Question is a regular feature in which Project Syndicate commentators provide concise answers to a timely question.

Whether the Chinese economy returns to health after the negative shock of zero-COVID policies is important not only for the country’s consumers and firms and for the global economy. A severe and prolonged downturn could also damage President Xi Jinping’s hopes of securing a third term in office later this year, and undermine the Communist Party of China’s legitimacy.

In this Big Question, we ask George Magnus, Eswar Prasad, Nancy Qian, and Angela Huyue Zhang whether Chinese policymakers will be able to engineer a strong economic rebound.

Featured in this Big Question

  1. George MagnusGeorge Magnus
  2. Eswar PrasadEswar Prasad
  3. Nancy QianNancy Qian
  4. Angela Huyue ZhangAngela Huyue Zhang

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