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Deconstructing Donald

Recent books on Donald Trump by authors representing a wide range of perspectives help to shed light on some of the under-appreciated or already forgotten features of Trump's presidency. If there is one takeaway, it is that the last four years have been every bit as disastrous for America as they seem.

WASHINGTON, DC – The most turbulent presidency in US history has led to an abundance of books even before its main figure has completed his first (and, one hopes, only) term. Many more tomes can be expected, but a few of those already published deserve attention.

Donald Trump is not only the most improbable, confounding president America has ever produced; he is also clearly the worst. In less than four years, he has plunged the country into deep turmoil. Reasonable people now worry that he has eroded American democracy beyond repair. The most dangerous period yet, November’s election, still lies ahead, but Trump has already signaled his intent to discredit the result if he loses, and to take unusual and possibly illegal steps to ensure a victory.

Trump’s most alarming attribute as president is that he observes no boundaries. Social, civic, moral, and legal norms are meaningless to him. He spends a great deal of time alone with his cell phone and his television, letting his id do the tweeting. His aides and allies are often taken aback by what spews forth.