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A Harder Road for Climate Justice?

Massive climate-driven disasters in South Asia, East Africa, and elsewhere have put a spotlight on the needs of the world’s climate-vulnerable.  But whether climate justice will be served very much remains to be seen.

PS Quarterly regularly features predictions from leading thinkers and uniquely positioned commentators on a topic of global concern. After a brutal summer of extreme climate-driven events, food and energy crises, tightening global financial conditions, and warnings of looming debt troubles in low- and middle-income countries, this issue’s contributors responded to the following proposition:

“Major global developments in the run-up to COP27 have made it even more difficult to secure ‘climate justice’ for the developing world. Agree or disagree, and why?”

Alab Mirasol Ayroso

Many of the forces that have fueled climate change have also contributed to rampant human-rights violations, extreme poverty, and political gridlock. As a result, countries that lack the capacity to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis – like the Philippines – have already lost more than others might realize.

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