Sunday, May 28, 2017
  1. Do You Want to Be a Cyborg?

    Agata Sagan, ET AL

    Do You Want to Be a Cyborg?

    & 10

    &  defend people's right to implant cognition-enhancing devices in their brains.

    bionic arm BSIP/UIG/Getty Images
    Elon Musk has revealed that he is the founder and chief executive of Neuralink, a startup seeking to create implanted devices that will turn computers into a direct extension of our brains. For Musk, enhancing human intelligence and memory is our species' only alternative to elimination by our own super-intelligent inventions. READ MORE
  2. Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

    Maciej Kuziemski

    Democratizing Artificial Intelligence


     considers how to ensure that the next technological revolution, unlike the last one, benefits all.

    server cables Andrew Aitchison/Getty Images
    Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make or break the world order, either pulling the “bottom billion” out of poverty and transforming dysfunctional institutions or entrenching injustice and increasing inequality. The outcome will depend on how we manage the coming changes. READ MORE
  3. A Better Way from ‘R’ to ‘D’

    Edward Jung

    A Better Way from ‘R’ to ‘D’


     says that to maximize commercialization of good ideas, it's time to disrupt innovation finance.

    Research and development Gallo Images/Getty Images
    When people talk about nurturing innovation, they typically focus on government funding for basic research, expanding access to higher education, building tech hubs and incubators, and so on. But a crucial element of innovation is often absent from these discussions: the final product. READ MORE
  4. The Coming Technology Policy Debate

    Michael J. Boskin

    The Coming Technology Policy Debate


     calls for stronger policies to contain the risks of broadly beneficial innovations.

    tablet technology Kohei Hara/Getty Images
    Technological progress brings far-reaching benefits, but it also poses increasingly serious threats to humankind. With governments and citizens already struggling with the consequences of recent innovations – from job displacement to security risks – technology policy is likely to take center stage in the coming decade. READ MORE
  5. Europe’s Surprising Tech Success

    William Echikson

    Europe’s Surprising Tech Success


     cites massive growth in startup activity to dispel the myth that EU countries are digital laggards.

    man working on laptop tech startup Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Europe is often viewed as a digital laggard, running far behind the US and Asia. But two new reports tell a very different story, showing how European startups are now taking the lead in artificial intelligence, creating new tech hubs, and attracting investment from traditional industrial stalwarts. READ MORE
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