Sunday, May 24, 2015
  1. Global Finance and Global Warming

    Naina Lal Kidwai, ET AL

    Global Finance and Global Warming

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    &  explain how rules concerning sustainability are being incorporated into the financial system.

    Clean energy in rural India BFID/Flickr

    Since 2008, financial reform has been among the top items on policymakers’ agendas. But, as leaders move from fixing the problems of the past to positioning the financial system for the future, they must also grapple with new threats to its stability, particularly those stemming from climate change. READ MORE

  2. The Health Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

    Patricia Garcia, ET AL

    The Health Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

    &  point out that cutting carbon-dioxide emissions implies fewer pollution-related deaths worldwide.

    Shanghai pollution Shanghai/Lei Han/Flickr

    Governments often see climate change as too costly to address. In fact, it is too costly to ignore, as the World Health Organization has shown by linking the prevention of disastrous climate change to immediate health benefits and savings from the reduction of air pollution. READ MORE

  3. Greening China’s Financial System

    Ma Jun, ET AL
  4. China’s Green-Energy Revolution

    John A. Mathews, ET AL

    China’s Green-Energy Revolution

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    &  look at the country’s rapidly changing electricity system by the numbers.

    Wind farm energy China environment Asian Development Bank/Flickr

    China generates most of its electricity by burning fossil fuels, just as every rising economic power has done since the Industrial Revolution. But to focus on this risks overlooking a notable trend: China’s system of power generation is turning green far more quickly than any other system of comparable size on the planet. READ MORE

  5. Climate Change and the Catholic Church

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Climate Change and the Catholic Church


     defends Pope Francis from those who say he should stick to religion.

    Pope Francis Evandro Inetti/ZumaPress

    Pope Francis is calling on the world to take action against global warming, and many conservatives in the United States are up in arms. But, as the climate debate unfolds this year, most of humanity will find Francis’s message compelling: we need both science and morality to reduce the risk to our planet. READ MORE

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