Sunday, January 22, 2017
  1. Geoengineering Climate Change

    Bjørn Lomborg

    Geoengineering Climate Change


     makes the case for manipulating the Earth’s atmosphere to reverse global warming quickly.

    Sand from Pinatubu volcano Ania Blazejewska/Getty Images
    Even climate activists increasingly recognize that the lofty rhetoric of the global agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, concluded in Paris just over a year ago, will not be matched by its promises’ actual impact on temperatures. This should make us think about smart, alternative solutions. READ MORE
  2. The Anti-Science Seed Treaty

    Henry I. Miller, ET AL

    The Anti-Science Seed Treaty

    &  criticize the prevailing approach to global regulation of genetic resources in plants and animals.

    Monsanto genetically m odified corn Brent Stirton/Getty Images
    In September, the US ratified the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, often known as the International Seed Treaty. Like so many international agreements crafted under the auspices of the UN, it is severely flawed. READ MORE
  3. Water as a Force for Peace

    Sundeep Waslekar

    Water as a Force for Peace


     proposes ways to transform a source of conflict into a facilitator of cooperation.

    Lekoli River in the Congo River basin Education Images/Getty Images
    Recent developments, such as the Islamic State's use of dams to pressure downstream populations to surrender, have highlighted the need to protect water resources in conflict zones. But, beyond protection, regional security arrangements that are based on shared management of water resources could promote peace. READ MORE
  4. The Next Migrant Wave

    Stephen Groff

    The Next Migrant Wave


     urges action now to prepare for people in low-lying countries fleeing the effects of climate change.

    Homeless child rain Dhaka
    The world is even less prepared for future migrants fleeing the effects of climate change than Europe is for the current wave of people arriving at its shores. The climate threat cannot be overstated: if sea levels rise by more than one meter, entire populations of Pacific island-states may have to relocate. READ MORE
  5. The Plant-Based Solution to Hunger

    Barbara Unmüßig

    The Plant-Based Solution to Hunger


     warns that industrial meat production is taking land that billions of people need to survive.

    France chicken farm Fred Tanneau/Stringer
    As the global north's industrial agriculture model expands into the global south, it is destroying ecosystems, reducing biodiversity, and expropriating the land that one-third of the world’s people still rely on for their livelihoods. If we are serious about feeding all people and preserving our planet, we must target meat consumption. READ MORE
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