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Chairman Kim Goes Back on Script

US President Donald Trump's made-for-TV "bromance" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has played out more or less as most experts expected. The North Koreans have milked the Trump administration for all its worth, and are now returning to the same old strategy of bluster, threats, and nuclear brinkmanship.

ATLANTA – Like the leading character in a long-running television series, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has kicked off the latest crisis on the Korean Peninsula with familiar theatrics. After cutting off all communications with South Korea earlier this month, the Kim regime bombed the building in which it had previously hosted South Korean diplomats. It has redeployed troops into demilitarized border areas and issued renewed threats of violence against the South. The latest displays of bombast follow Kim’s scene-stealing performance in May, when he announced that North Korea would boost its investment in “nuclear war deterrence.”