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Poland’s Immoral Refugee Policy

By comparing today’s Poles to the Holocaust’s Jewish victims, and today’s refugees to the Nazis, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has demonstrated yet again that the Law and Justice government is composed of people who can only cast themselves as heroes, and are incapable of admitting any fault.

WARSAW – On June 13, the European Commission filed a lawsuit against Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, accusing them of violating European Union law by refusing to admit refugees. The next day, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło gave a speech at the site of the Auschwitz death camp to mark the 77th anniversary of the first deportation of Polish prisoners there. “In today’s turbulent times,” she said, Auschwitz is a reminder of “how important it is for a country to do everything possible to protect the safety and the lives of its citizens.”

One wonders what Szydło was talking about, and from whom she wants to protect Poles. Her remarks seemed to compare today’s Poles to the Holocaust’s Jewish victims, and today’s refugees to the Nazis. In response, European Council President Donald Tusk, who previously held Szydło’s current post, lamented that, “A Polish prime minister should never utter such words in such a place.”

Still, no one was really surprised to hear Szydło shamelessly exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust to justify her immoral refugee policy; or to see an excerpt of her speech suddenly disappear from her party’s Twitter feed, with no further clarification provided.

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