One Europe

"One Europe" will be the rallying-call of the Danish Presidency of the EU, which begins this week. One Europe to seal the definitive unwinding of the 20th century: its wars, divisions and tragedy. One Europe in pursuit of freedom, security and justice. One Europe with a competitive and resource-efficient economy. One Europe with food policies for the long-term. One Europe that shoulders its global responsibility for managing international crises, for avoiding new iron curtains in Europe, and for spreading the benefits of globalization.

The bloodiest century in European history started in August 1914. We can end it in December 2002. 1945 brought peace and freedom - but only to some of us. While Western Europe was free to construct common institutions for peace and prosperity, the Soviet Union subjugated our Central and Eastern heartland. The dream of One Europe was put off for almost two generations.

The fall of the Berlin Wall revived that dream. The time has come to realize it. Preparations have been under way for almost a decade since conditions for membership were first defined in Copenhagen in 1993.