Bibi Goes to Washington

NEW YORK – Why did he do it? What possessed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi" Netanyahu to accept an invitation from the Republicans in the US Congress to come and attack President Barack Obama's policy on Iran without letting the White House know?

Netanyahu claims that his was “a fateful, even historic mission" to voice his concern for the fate of Israel and all Jews. But we already knew about his concerns – and that many Jews, in the US and elsewhere, do not feel that he was speaking for them.

Did Netanyahu crave the applause of his Republican supporters? Is he gambling on the chance of a Republican presidency in 2016? If so, he got the applause; but, given the current polls, the latter motive would be quite a gamble.

Or was Netanyahu simply using the US Congress as a venue for his own campaign to keep his job? Did he wish to impress voters back home with a starring role on a world stage?