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A Cross-Party Way Forward on Brexit

With Brexit looming, the UK needs an experienced leader who can dispense with tribal politics and bring together sensible Tories, Labourites, and Liberal Democrats to map out the country's future. As a respected former chancellor of the exchequer, Father of the House Kenneth Clarke is the man for the job.

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Britons who already realize that the United Kingdom cannot possibly withdraw from the European Union without incurring substantial economic costs were undoubtedly disappointed by their country’s recent general-election campaign. The leaders of Britain’s major parties showed that they have neither a coherent plan for Brexit, nor the courage to reject it.

It is time to hand leadership to an experienced, clear-eyed leader who can dispense with tribal politics and cobble together support from the sensible wings of the major political parties. That leader should be Kenneth Clarke, the current Father of the House.

Prime Minister Theresa May has proved incapable of leading the Conservative Party or the country. After calling an unnecessary snap election, she ran an incompetent campaign that left her government dependent on the dubious support of the right-wing Democratic Unionist Party. British voters have roundly rejected her call for a “hard Brexit,” in which the UK would leave both the EU single market and the customs union.