Iranian ballistic missiles Sejjil and Qadr-H are on display at Baharestan Square Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

How Europe Can Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

Europe cannot afford to let the 2015 Iran nuclear deal fail. That's why Donald Trump should be confronted with a choice: either uphold the agreement, in exchange for European support on regional issues and Iran’s missile program; or scrap the deal and risk the loss of European cooperation and the emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran.

LONDON – This week, a senior German official pointed out to me that, “The Iran nuclear deal is the last firewall preventing military tensions in the world’s most combustible region from spilling over into thermonuclear war.” That language is unusually apocalyptic, but it reflects a genuine fear that US President Donald Trump could soon dismantle a crucial line of defense that Germans and other Europeans are proud to have built.