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直升机撒钱由弗里德曼(Milton Friedman)在1969年提出,它是弗里德曼思想实验的一部分,而不是一个实际方案。顾名思义,直升机撒钱就是让盘旋在半空中的直升机洒下现金。但直升机撒钱——或者美联储前主席本·伯南克(Ben Bernanke)最近所谓的“货币融资的财政计划”(MFFP)——的含义无非是直接把新创货币分给消费者,比如通过退税手段。


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    The Amazon and You

    Richard N. Haass

    Sovereignty entails obligations as well as rights, and where compliance cannot be induced, pressure must be applied. And though positive incentives to encourage and enable compliance would be preferable, Brazil's government is showing that there must be sticks where carrots are not enough.

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    The Meritocracy Muddle

    Eric Posner

    Although populism in Western democracies is nothing new, resentment toward elites and experts has certainly been on the rise. Does this trend reflect a breakdown in the system, or a system that is actually working too well?


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