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Biden’s Breakthrough in Poland

US President Joe Biden’s recent appearances in Kyiv and Warsaw could represent a turning point in the Russia-Ukraine war. The United States and its allies are now leaving no doubt that they will support Ukraine in its pursuit of a complete military victory.

WARSAW – Some Poles felt slighted when they learned that US President Joe Biden had stopped in Kyiv before making his appearance in Warsaw, suspecting that his planned trip to Poland was just a cover for his surprise visit to Ukraine. Such feelings are uncalled for. If anything, Poles should welcome being paired with Ukraine.

The Ukrainians are fighting a war for survival and for democracy, and Poles should be sick of the domestic populism that has damaged our own democratic institutions. We and our Ukrainian neighbors should both look forward to these struggles ending and giving way to a brighter future – one that could also include Belarus, as Biden mentioned in his Warsaw speech.

Biden also offered praise for Moldova, which has taken in a disproportionately large share of Ukrainian refugees, while also dealing with Russian soldiers squatting on its territory. Despite its troubles, Moldova has the same democratic and European aspirations as Ukraine does. More broadly, Eastern European countries’ fates are interwoven: Ukraine will be truly safe only if Belarus is free, Poland is democratic, and Moldova remains independent.