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Myanmar-Rohingya Dominique Faget/Getty Images

The Roots of the Rohingya Crisis

The attacks on the Muslim Rohingya by the Myanmar army is the dreadful climax of decades of discrimination by the Buddhist majority. But there are deeper causes, which have alarming implications for the wider region.

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  1. Brahma Chellaney Brahma Chellaney
  2. Dominique Moisi Dominique Moisi

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Members of Islamist groups shout slogans Munir Uz Zaman/Getty Images

Myanmar’s Jihadi Curse

Brahma Chellaney

It is vital that Myanmar's military immediately halt human-rights abuses of Rohingya in Rakhine State. But it is also vital for the international community to reject the prevailing depiction of the current crisis, which fails to recognize the long history of violent extremism among Rohingya militants.

offers a corrective to the prevailing narrative about the Rohingya crisis in South Asia.

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