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  • In a world that is finally waking up to the climate crisis, everyone has new summits to reach. The COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow this November will be a crucial test. Stronger decarbonization and climate-financing commitments must be made to keep the world on a sustainable path. But even then, the real work will have only just begun.

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    1. nordhaus1_David McNewGetty Images_oilfieldcalifornia David McNew/Getty Images

      Green National Accounting

      William D. Nordhaus explains how to capture the economic effects of negative environmental externalities.
    2. raskin1_Getty Images_bidensustainability Getty Images

      Changing the Climate of Financial Regulation

      Sarah Bloom Raskin argues that when it comes to global warming, regulatory restraint is its own form of added risk.
    3. gastelumendi1_GettyImages_chilesolar Getty Images

      Latin America's Burning Challenge

      Jorge Gastelumendi argues that the region's climate-change agenda must go hand in hand with its social agenda.
    4. tcherneva2_Getty Images_windpowerjob Getty Images

      A Just Transition Needs a Job Guarantee

      Pavlina R. Tcherneva explains why this enhanced economic stabilizer should be at the center of the response to climate change.
    5. purkayastha1_indiasustainability Getty Images

      India’s Green Growth Imperative

      Dhruba Purkayastha shows how the country can balance its climate-change and economic-development objectives.
    6. nipper2_hydrogencar Getty Images

      What the Energy Transition Needs

      Mads Nipper explains what governments and corporate leaders can do to accelerate decarbonization.
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    8. mulgan3_Data Getty Images

      What Green AI Needs

      Geoff Mulgan identifies the structural hurdles that must be removed to make the most of digital climate solutions.
    9. stiglitz293_Vladimir SmirnovTASS via Getty Images_oilwellkhtanga Vladimir Smirnov/TASS via Getty Images

      Getting Finance Onside for Climate

      Joseph E. Stiglitz explains how governments can move the industry and markets in a greener direction.
    10. pettifor2_nyse Getty Images

      Reclaiming Central Banks

      Ann Pettifor argues that achieving green monetary policies will require reform on the scale of the 1970s "Nixon Shock."
    11. gwagner9_cloud Getty Images

      We Need to Talk About Geoengineering

      Gernot Wagner shows how radical technological interventions should fit into the broader climate-policy debate.
    12. tkblank1_hydrogen Getty Images

      The Promise of Green Hydrogen

      Thomas Koch Blank offers an overview of the technology's potential applications and remaining development challenges.
    13. cfigueres11_plantgardencity Getty Images

      The Food Revolution Is Up to Us

      Christiana Figueres shows why a transformation of the global food system is just as important as the clean-energy transition.

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