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Ukraine’s Coming Winter of Decision

Ukraine’s stunning recent counteroffensive marks a turn, but not yet a turning point, in the war that Russia has been waging against it since 2014. It is too soon to extrapolate from Ukraine’s gains, much less conclude that what happened in the northeast Kharkiv is a harbinger for the entire country.

KYIV – Russia’s war against Ukraine, which President Vladimir Putin began in 2014 and expanded in February, has taken a dramatic turn following Ukrainian forces’ liberation, in less than a week, of some 3,400 square miles (8,800 square kilometers) of territory in the country’s northeastern Kharkiv district. Russian strategists, apparently focused on the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive in the country’s south, were unprepared for the attacks, and Russia’s poorly trained and poorly led troops were no match for their highly competent and motivated Ukrainian counterparts.