David Cameron and Angela Merkel Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

The UK Will Survive, but Europe Won't

After Brexit, Europe could finally emerge as a strong international actor: the world’s third-largest country, with English, ironically, as its administrative language. But, sadly, the political will to achieve such an outcome is unlikely to emerge – if it ever does – until conditions become considerably worse than they are now.

WARSAW – In Britain and throughout the West, we are witnessing the eclipse of the political mainstream. Politicians like Donald Trump in the US, Jarosław Kaczyński in Poland, or Marine Le Pen in France were once unelectable, but today the mainstream is unelectable. In Austria, it took a presidential candidate outside of the establishment, Alexander Van der Bellen, to block – by the barest of margins – a far-right victory. We should expect to see only more electoral success for populist politicians and projects like the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum.