Wednesday, October 14, 2015
  1. 2015 Nobel Laureate in Economics

    Weak States, Poor Countries

    Angus Deaton
  2. Business & Finance

    Governments’ Self-Disruption Challenge

    Mohamed A. El-Erian
    Business & Finance

    Governments’ Self-Disruption Challenge


     proposes how advanced countries can enable and channel today's transformative economic forces.

    Raspberry Pi

    One of the most difficult challenges facing Western governments today is to enable and channel the transformative – and self-empowering – forces of technological innovation. They will not succeed unless they become more open to creative destruction, allowing not only tools and procedures, but also mindsets, to be upgraded. READ MORE

  3. World Affairs

    Russia’s European Game in Syria

    Bernard-Henri Lévy
    World Affairs

    Russia’s European Game in Syria


     argues that Vladimir Putin's latest military adventure is aimed at weakening Europe.

    Treads on armored tank.

    Vladimir Putin is an old-school imperialist, whose military intervention in Syria is partly designed to divert attention from his dismemberment of Ukraine. And his thinly veiled threats against the Baltic states, Poland, Finland, and now Turkey reveal a strategy that has as its chief goal the weakening of Europe. READ MORE

  4. Economics

    China is Not Collapsing

    Anatole Kaletsky

    China is Not Collapsing


     blames Western financial analysts' false perceptions for fueling fears of a new crisis.

    Urban street in city in China.

    One question has dominated the IMF’s annual meeting this year in Peru: Will China’s economic downturn trigger a new financial crisis just as the world is putting the last one to bed? But the assumption underlying that question – that China is now the global economy’s weakest link – is highly suspect. READ MORE

  5. Culture & Society

    A Clash of Western Civilizations

    Diana Pinto
    Culture & Society

    A Clash of Western Civilizations


     warns that the debate over refugees is weakening democratic countries' foundational principles.

    European Union star insignia painted on concrete wall. barbiez/Flickr

    Images from the refugee crisis in Europe have sparked a surge of commentary about the “two Europes” – one welcoming, one forbidding. The truth is that disagreements over whether countries should take in refugees are symptomatic of a deep rift within the Western world. READ MORE



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