Friday, February 27, 2015
  1. Economics

    Making Do With More

    J. Bradford DeLong

    Making Do With More


     asks why living standards are stagnating in societies blessed with unprecedented abundance.

    American working class hands joined javi.velazquez/Flickr

    Ensuring that the workers of today and tomorrow can capture the benefits of the information age will require us to redesign our economic system. Only by finding ways to put true value on the goods we produce can we sustain a middle-class society, rather than one of techno-plutocrats and their service-sector serfs. READ MORE

  2. Business & Finance

    Europe’s Chimerical Capital-Markets Union

    Howard Davies
    Business & Finance

    Europe’s Chimerical Capital-Markets Union


     pours cold water on the potential impact of the European Commission's newest adventure.

    Europe castle hot air balloons

    At a time when Europe’s currency union is at risk, and its banking union remains at an early stage of development, the endlessly creative European Commission is embarking on another adventure: a so-called “capital markets union.” Given the current political climate, the new initiative is unlikely to have a transformational impact. READ MORE

  3. Politics

    The DNA of German Foreign Policy

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier

    The DNA of German Foreign Policy

     defines the three main external challenges facing Europe's largest economy.

    Merkel Germany sitting Jim LoScalzo/ZumaPress

    The basic tenets of Germany's foreign policy – close partnership with France within a united Europe and a strong transatlantic alliance in terms of both security and economic cooperation – have withstood the test of time. But now Germany must address three key challenges: crisis management, the changing global order, and its position within Europe. READ MORE

  4. World Affairs

    Angela Merkel’s Moment of Truth

    Joschka Fischer
    World Affairs

    Angela Merkel’s Moment of Truth


     on why Germany's chancellor will have to prepare the country's citizens for its new role.

    Merkel Hollande crowd Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg/Flickr

    In the last two weeks, Germany and its chancellor, Angela Merkel, were at the heart of efforts to achieve a diplomatic resolution to the two crises confronting Europe – in Ukraine and Greece. This is a new role for Germany, and the country is not yet accustomed to it. READ MORE

  5. Economics

    The Economic Consequences of Greece

    Alberto Bagnai, ET AL

    The Economic Consequences of Greece

    , ET AL 82

    , ET AL  want the Greek government to abandon the euro – and all other eurozone members to follow suit.

    Greece open door exit Klearchos Kapoutsis/Flickr

    The adoption of a common currency has undermined the European Union's founding vision, threatening the stability of the continent. The turmoil in Greece is an opportunity to evaluate the decisions that led to the crisis and chart a course for dissolution of the eurozone. READ MORE

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