Friday, April 25, 2014
  1. World Affairs

    Alarm Bells in Asia

    Brahma Chellaney
    World Affairs

    Alarm Bells in Asia


     identifies three wake-up calls that America's Asian allies have had in the last two years.

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    Over the last two years, America’s Asian allies have received three wake-up calls, all of which have delivered the same clear message: the US cannot be relied upon to protect their interests. Indeed, America's weak response to regional disputes could spur game-changing developments. READ MORE

  2. Economics

    The Second Opening of Japan

    Shinzo Abe

    The Second Opening of Japan


     uses Barack Obama's visit as an opportunity to lay out his country's grand strategy.

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    US President Barack Obama is visiting Tokyo at a unique moment in Japan's history, with its economy moving onto a new growth path that will take advantage of its geographic position. Japan no longer considers itself the “Far” East, but rather the very center of the Pacific Rim, and a neighbor to the global economy's growth center. READ MORE

  3. Politics

    Re-Governing China

    Andrew Sheng
  4. World Affairs

    The Road to Slovyansk

    Yuriko Koike
  5. Economics

    The Oligarchy Fallacy

    Jeffrey Frankel

Focal Point

Cold War II?


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