Saturday, December 20, 2014
  1. Politics

    Why Cuba Turned

    Jorge G. Castañeda

    Why Cuba Turned


     argues that plunging oil prices gave President Raúl Castro no choice but to mend ties with the US.

    US Cuba normalize relations Charles Trainor Jr/ZumaPress

    The agreement between the US and Cuba to resume diplomatic relations looks like a victory for the communist island. But that conclusion leaves out a crucial variable: the collapse in the price of oil, which leaves Cuba economically vulnerable and increases the likelihood of political change. READ MORE

  2. World Affairs

    Pakistan After the Peshawar Massacre

    Shahid Javed Burki
    World Affairs

    Pakistan After the Peshawar Massacre


     calls the Taliban's slaughter of schoolchildren a tipping point in the fight against extremism.

    Pakistan Peshawar Massacre Prensa Internacional/ZumaPress

    The Taliban's December 16 massacre of students at a military school in Peshawar was the single deadliest attack in the group’s history. But, by attacking the children of military families, the Taliban has dramatically increased the likelihood that Pakistan will move resolutely against it. READ MORE

  3. Economics

    Is the ECB Doing Enough?

    Peter Praet

    Is the ECB Doing Enough?


     explains why the European Central Bank intervened in 2014 and what it plans to do next year.

    Euro currency Kevin Harber/Flickr

    The ECB has implemented a series of measures in response to economic sluggishness and financial trepidations in the euro area. Tentative evidence suggests that the measures are delivering tangible benefits to the European economy, and the ECB still has plenty of weapons in its arsenal should they prove necessary. READ MORE

  4. World Affairs

    A Petition for Peshawar

    Gordon Brown
    World Affairs

    A Petition for Peshawar


     argues that the world cannot stand by as schools are attacked and students are murdered.

    Pakistan Peshawar Massacre Debajyoti Chakraborty/ZumaPress

    The murder of 132 schoolchildren in Pakistan is the latest example of what is becoming a horrific pattern: armed men using students as pawns in their conflicts, turning access to education into a weapon of war. The world cannot afford to stand by as schools are shut down and children become afraid to pursue an education. READ MORE

  5. Business & Finance

    Running From the Ruble

    Sergei Guriev
    Business & Finance

    Running From the Ruble


     attributes the abrupt collapse of Russia's currency to doubts about corporate debt.

    Russia Ruble exchange rates Valya Egorshin/ZumaPress

    The cause of Russia’s “Black Monday” was readily apparent: the government bailout of state-owned Rosneft, the country’s largest oil company. Usually, bailouts calm markets; but this one recalled early post-Soviet experiments, when the Central Bank of Russia issued direct loans to enterprises – invariably fueling higher inflation. READ MORE

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