Thursday, August 27, 2015
  1. Business & Finance

    A Financial Early-Warning System

    Nouriel Roubini
    Business & Finance

    A Financial Early-Warning System


     proposes a systematic alternative to error-prone markets and ratings agencies.

    wave crashing into sea wall Ian Forsyth/ZumaPress

    Recent market volatility – in emerging and developed economies alike – is showing once again how badly ratings agencies and investors can err in assessing countries’ economic and financial vulnerabilities. More than ever, the world needs an early-warning system for financial tsunamis. READ MORE

  2. Economics

    What Should China Do?

    Michael J. Boskin

    What Should China Do?


     underscores the danger to long-term stability implied by reversion to state control of the economy.

    Xi Jinping Rao Aimin/ZumaPress

    China’s government has a lot on its plate as it attempts to ease the short-term effects of an economic slowdown while implementing reforms aimed at smoothing the shift to a new growth model. The main danger, glimpsed in the authorities' ham-fisted response to the recent fall in equity prices, is a reversion to greater state control. READ MORE

  3. Economics

    China’s Complexity Problem

    Stephen S. Roach

    China’s Complexity Problem


     asks whether the country's leaders are juggling too many policy objectives.

    Communist Party of China leaders Ma Zhancheng/ZumaPress

    There are many moving parts – economic, social, and geopolitical – in China’s daunting transition to what its leaders call a moderately well-off society, and the ultimate challenge may lie in managing the exceedingly complex interplay among them. Is China’s leadership up to the task, or has it bitten off more than it can chew? READ MORE

  4. Business & Finance

    Central Bank Confidential

    Howard Davies
    Business & Finance

    Central Bank Confidential


     highlights an initiative by the Bank of England to publish dissenting views.

    Mark Carney Andrew Parsons/ZumaPress

    Over the past two decades, countries around the world have recognized the importance of central banks' independence. In truth, however, there are many degrees of independence, and not all nominally independent central banks operate in the same way – as a new initiative by the Bank of England demonstrates. READ MORE

  5. Economics

    The Emerging-Market Currency Rout

    Andrés Velasco

Focal Point


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