Thursday, February 11, 2016
  1. World Affairs

    The Pope and Property Rights

    Hernando de Soto
    World Affairs

    The Pope and Property Rights


     urges Francis to advocate for a simple reform that would benefit billions of poor people worldwide.

    Pope Francis

    When Pope Francis holds mass just south of the US-Mexico border next week, he will almost certainly urge support for immigrants who have headed north. He should also take the opportunity to advocate for the five billion people in the world who lack documented property rights. READ MORE

  2. World Affairs

    Boundless Crises, Reckless Spoilers, and Helpless Guardians

    Wolfgang Ischinger
    World Affairs

    Boundless Crises, Reckless Spoilers, and Helpless Guardians


     outlines the challenges facing world leaders and the international order over the coming year.

    Army vehicle isolated in the desert.

    The world is entering a period of growing risk, rising uncertainty, and fundamental transformation – the beginning of a less stable international era. Responsible leaders must work together to reconstruct the international order, strengthen institutional arrangements, and stem spreading chaos. READ MORE

  3. Economics

    Overhauling China

    Keyu Jin

    Overhauling China


     argues that the economy will be unable to recapture its dynamism without political reform.

    Buddha figures on wall

    Pessimism about China has become pervasive in recent months, with fear of a “China meltdown” sending shock waves through stock markets worldwide since the beginning of the year. But with the right mix of reforms – including political reforms – China can continue its march toward high-income status. READ MORE

  4. Global Health & Development

    Vaccines Versus Superbugs

    Jim O'Neill
    Global Health & Development

    Vaccines Versus Superbugs


     highlights the role that immunization can play in impeding antimicrobial resistance.

    Vaccine syringe

    The Zika virus – like Ebola before it – has focused international attention on how vaccines can contain unexpected outbreaks of infectious diseases. But vaccines also have an important role to play in protecting us against a far more deadly and far more predictable threat: drug-resistance infections. READ MORE

  5. Business & Finance

    The Trade Numbers Game

    Dani Rodrik
    Business & Finance

    The Trade Numbers Game


     bemoans the weak economic models used by both sides in the Trans-Pacific Partnership debate.


    The Trans-Pacific Partnership – a mega trade deal covering 12 countries that together account for more than one-third of global GDP and a quarter of world exports – is the latest battleground in the decades-long confrontation between proponents and opponents of trade agreements. Unfortunately, neither side is offering good evidence. READ MORE


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