Monday, July 28, 2014
  1. Politics

    The Gaza Trap

    Shlomo Ben-Ami
  2. World Affairs

    Abe’s Asian Gambit

    Gareth Evans
    World Affairs

    Abe’s Asian Gambit


     explores the potential risks stemming from Japan's international muscle-flexing.

    Shinzo Abe Visits Yasukuni Shrine Koichi Kamoshida/ZumaPress

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s makeover of Japanese foreign policy ranks among the most important recent global developments. But, the process must be very carefully managed by all concerned, including the US and Japan's other Asia-Pacific allies, lest it upset the fragile balance that holds the Sino-American rivalry in check. READ MORE

  3. Culture & Society

    The Trauma of France’s Jews

    Dominique Moisi
    Culture & Society

    The Trauma of France’s Jews


     dismisses comparisons of French anti-Semitism today to that of the Nazi era.

    Jewish man in France MortAuPat/Flickr

    In the aftermath of recent attacks on synagogues in France, British and American media reports made comparisons to the Nazi era, with some even referring to a French Kristallnacht. Such hyperbole must be firmly rejected, for it offends the memory of those who suffered at the hands of the collaborationist Vichy regime. READ MORE

  4. World Affairs

    The Global Security Deficit

    Michael Spence
  5. Environment & Sustainability

    Antarctica’s Point of No Return

    Anders Levermann
    Environment & Sustainability

    Antarctica’s Point of No Return


     explains why nothing can be done to halt the collapse of the Amundsen Sea's ice shelf.

    Antarctica ice shelf Samuel House/Flickr

    Recent satellite observations have confirmed the accuracy of two independent computer simulations that show that the West Antarctic ice sheet has now entered a state of unstoppable collapse. The planet has entered a new era of irreversible consequences from climate change. READ MORE

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