Friday, April 18, 2014
  1. World Affairs

    Europe’s Security Catalyst

    Ditmir Bushati
    World Affairs

    Europe’s Security Catalyst


     advocates further institutionalization of NATO's relationships in Eastern Europe.

    Newsart for Europe’s Security Catalyst Jose Luis Celada Euba/Flickr

    Russia’s annexation of Crimea and threats against Ukraine are a reminder to the countries of Eastern Europe, particularly those in the Balkans, of NATO’s centrality to national – indeed, European – security. But maximizing NATO's effectiveness requires it to deepen its engagement with its most vulnerable members. READ MORE

  2. Politics

    Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal

    Rodrigo Pardo

    Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal


     sees no near-term resolution that would halt the country's descent into violence.

    Newsart for Venezuela’s Unending Ordeal Rafael Pinto Herrera/Flickr

    Venezuela is descending ever deeper into violence, with street protests spreading rapidly across the country and President Nicolás Maduro’s efforts to suppress them becoming increasingly brutal. Unfortunately, there are no upcoming elections that might resolve the worsening power struggle – and no outside actors willing to intervene. READ MORE

  3. World Affairs

    The End of the Two-State Solution

    Mohammed Ayoob
    World Affairs

    The End of the Two-State Solution


     welcomes the collapse of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process that was all process and no peace.

    Newsart for The End of the Two-State Solution Marco Bottelli/Demotix

    US Secretary of State John Kerry’s valiant effort to save the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is about to end in failure. Though achieving a substantive settlement was always a pipe dream, this latest disappointment will render the US unable to prevent the emergence of a binational state, which might not be a bad thing. READ MORE

  4. Economics

    The High-Tech, High-Touch Economy

    Adair Turner

    The High-Tech, High-Touch Economy


     explains how a fresh wave of automation is transforming employment and much else.

    Newsart for The High-Tech, High-Touch Economy

    Though we live in the hi-tech virtual world of the Internet, the most physical things – including urban land and service jobs – are rising in importance. But there is no contradiction: In an age of information and communication technology, it is inevitable that we value what an ICT-intensive economy cannot create. READ MORE

  5. World Affairs

    The Sources of Russian Conduct

    Richard N. Haass
    World Affairs

    The Sources of Russian Conduct


     thinks the West should revive the containment strategy that guided its policies during the Cold War.

    Newsart for The Sources of Russian Conduct safariman/Flickr

    The strategy needed to resist Putin’s efforts to expand Russia’s influence beyond its borders – and to induce change within them – resembles nothing so much as the "containment" doctrine that guided Western policy for the four decades of the Cold War. The sooner the West updates that doctrine, the better off everyone will be. READ MORE

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