Thursday, October 23, 2014
  1. Economics

    A New Macroeconomic Strategy

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  2. Global Health & Development

    Children’s Champions

    Gordon Brown
  3. Business & Finance

    The TPP’s Missing Ingredient

    Simon Johnson
    Business & Finance

    The TPP’s Missing Ingredient


     says that Trans-Pacific Partnership needs a clause prohibiting currency manipulation.

    dollar currency manipulation Eric Gjerde/Flickr

    The typical approach when seeking to finalize an agreement aimed at reducing trade barriers is to ask for less, not more, from those on the other side of the table. But the Trans-Pacific Partnership is different: It will work only if the US insists that participating countries do not engage in currency manipulation. READ MORE

  4. Economics

    Europe’s Brush with Debt

    Hans-Werner Sinn

    Europe’s Brush with Debt


     suggests that the eurozone emulate the US approach to maintaining stability in a monetary union.

    eurobonds building graffiti Karin Viva/Flickr

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, refuse to comply with the eurozone's 2012 fiscal compact; instead, they intend to run up fresh debts. Their stance highlights a fundamental flaw in the European Monetary Union’s structure – one that Europe’s leaders must address before it is too late. READ MORE

  5. World Affairs

    Ukraine’s Vote, Russia’s Fate

    Carl Bildt
    World Affairs

    Ukraine’s Vote, Russia’s Fate


     on what is at stake in the parliamentary election on October 26.

    Newsart for Ukraine’s Vote, Russia’s Fate Aleksandr Sinitsa/UNIAN

    When Ukraine’s voters go to the polls on October 26, not only the fate of their country will be at stake; so will the future of a significant part of Europe. To put it simply: the future of Ukraine will decide the future of Russia, and the future of Russia will have a substantial impact on the future of Europe. READ MORE

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