Thursday, September 3, 2015
  1. Economics

    Inflation, the Fed, and the Big Picture

    Carmen Reinhart

    Inflation, the Fed, and the Big Picture


     argues that the real threat nowadays, especially in the advanced economies, is declining prices.

    balloons Tolga Akmen/ZumaPress

    Inflation was the theme of this year’s international conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But, while policymakers are right to prepare for future risks to price stability, they did not place these concerns in the context of recent inflation developments at the global level – or within historical perspective. READ MORE

  2. World Affairs

    Globalized Crisis

    Harold James
    World Affairs

    Globalized Crisis


     explores the dark side of connecting far-flung people and economies.

    friendship Trina Alexander/Flickr

    If there is a bright side to the turmoil that has roiled the world economy since 2008, it is that it has not erupted everywhere simultaneously. But, as the crisis becomes ever more global in nature, the challenge for policymakers will be to contain the impulse to reduce engagement with the rest of the world. READ MORE

  3. Global Health & Development

    Who Will Suffer Most from Climate Change?

    Bill Gates
    Global Health & Development

    Who Will Suffer Most from Climate Change?


     proposes adaptation measures for those who will suffer most from hotter temperatures.

    rural road Ian Cumming/ZumaPress

    For the world’s poorest farmers, life is a high-wire act: Just one stroke of bad fortune – a drought, a flood, or an illness – is enough for them to tumble deeper into poverty and hunger. And now climate change is set to add a fresh layer of risk to their lives, highlighting the need for effective adaptation measures. READ MORE

  4. Economics

    Puerto Rico in Crisis

    Anne Krueger

    Puerto Rico in Crisis


     says that the US and the island's government both bear responsibility for the deepening crisis.

    Puerto Rico flag Arnold Drapkin/ZumaPress

    Unlike Greece, Puerto Rico is not a country, which means that it is ineligible for multilateral financing; but nor is it a US state. This arrangement, though advantageous in some respects, also implies serious obstacles to the restoration of growth that the island so desperately needs. READ MORE

  5. Economics

    Democratizing the Eurozone

    Yanis Varoufakis

Focal Point


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