Friday, November 21, 2014
  1. Global Health & Development

    The Children’s Revolution

    Gordon Brown
    Global Health & Development

    The Children’s Revolution


     calls for the establishment of an International Children's Court.

    Newsart for The Children’s Revolution UN Photo/Marco Dormino

    The world can end child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, and discrimination against girls by establishing a new international children’s court and, with it, a proper reporting and sanctions system. In fact, violations of children’s rights are now so rampant that there simply is no alternative. READ MORE

  2. World Affairs

    China’s New Global Leadership

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  3. Culture & Society

    Philosopher Kings Versus Philosopher Presidents

    Robert Skidelsky
  4. Business & Finance

    The Fed’s Culture War

    Mark Roe
  5. World Affairs

    Post-Soviet Confidence Games

    Stefan Wolff
    World Affairs

    Post-Soviet Confidence Games


     casts doubt on the ability of trust-building measures to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

    Ukraine soldier Sergii Kharchenko/ZumaPress

    It is starting to look like a pattern: After painstaking talks, the parties in the Ukraine conflict come to an agreement – only to have it fall apart or fail to be fully implemented. And confidence-building efforts aimed at resolving other post-Soviet conflicts do not offer much room for hope. READ MORE

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