Thursday, October 8, 2015
  1. Business & Finance

    Why Support the TPP?

    Jeffrey Frankel
  2. Sustainability & Environment

    Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Lies

    Kelle Louaillier, ET AL
  3. Economics

    The Mirage of Structural Reform

    Dani Rodrik

    The Mirage of Structural Reform


     urges Greece to target binding constraints on growth, particularly in its tradables sector.

    Scaffolding on building.

    Every economic program imposed on Greece since the financial crisis struck in 2009 has assumed that structural reforms, boldly conceived and implemented, would bring about rapid economic recovery. But any serious assessment of the results produced by structural reforms around the world would have poured cold water on such expectations. READ MORE

  4. Business & Finance

    Volkswagen and the Future of Honesty

    Peter Singer
    Business & Finance

    Volkswagen and the Future of Honesty


     believes that corporate behavior like the carmaker's emissions ruse will become increasingly rare.

    Volkswagen logo on car anterior.

    In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, cynics might say that lofty talk of "business ethics" is intended only to camouflage the pursuit of profit. Yet the company’s behavior is odd, because, even – or especially – by the standard of profit maximization, its software ruse was an extraordinarily reckless gamble. READ MORE

  5. Economics

    The French Exception?

    Kenneth Rogoff

    The French Exception?


     thinks that structural reforms could turn France into a model of inclusive capitalism.

    Keychain ornament of the Eiffel Tower

    A healthy French economy would do wonders to help lift the eurozone out of its malaise and could provide an example to countries everywhere of how inclusive capitalism can work. But that assumes that the government will embrace the structural reforms that France’s economy so desperately needs. READ MORE



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