Tuesday, November 25, 2014
  1. Business & Finance

    The Federal Reserve’s Escape from New York

    Simon Johnson
    Business & Finance

    The Federal Reserve’s Escape from New York


     says that the New York Fed's close ties to Wall Street have made governance reform inevitable.

    Wall Street CEOs testify before US Congress Jay Mallin/ZumaPress

    The US Federal Reserve System is the world’s most important central bank, issuing decisions that reverberate through global markets and affect millions of lives. Yet its governance structure is of another age – antiquated, increasingly problematic, and urgently in need of sensible reform. READ MORE

  2. World Affairs

    Why Summits Matter

    Gareth Evans
    World Affairs

    Why Summits Matter


     shows how November's trifecta of global confabs vindicated multilateral summitry.

    G20 Leaders Brisbane Pool/ZumaPress

    It is easy to be skeptical about the kind of meetings that a small army of global and regional leaders swept through this month. But November's three summits – the APEC summit in Beijing, the East Asian Summit in Naypyidaw, and the G-20 meeting in Brisbane – should have the skeptics eating their words. READ MORE

  3. Economics

    China’s Monetary-Policy Surprise

    Stephen S. Roach
  4. Economics

    Europe’s German Ball and Chain

    Daniel Gros
  5. Culture & Society

    The Drag on E-Cigarettes

    Jacques Le Houezec
    Culture & Society

    The Drag on E-Cigarettes


     wants governments and health authorities to recognize the lifesaving potential of e-cigarettes.

    E-cigarettes MomentiMedia/Flickr

    New nicotine-delivery systems like e-cigarettes are not just temporary aids for people attempting to quit smoking cigarettes; they could act as long-term alternatives to tobacco, making the virtual elimination of high-risk tobacco consumption a real possibility. So why are health authorities discouraging their use? READ MORE

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