Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Newsart for Truth from the Top
Business & Finance 5

Truth from the Top

It is unusual for a senior government official to produce a short, clear analytical paper. It is even rarer when the official’s argument both cuts to the core of the issue and amounts to a… read more

Newsart for Big Banks’ Shadow Dance
Business & Finance 1

Big Banks’ Shadow Dance

One of the great myths propagated by large financial institutions is that proper regulation would drive many investors to “shadow banks.” In reality, there are three kinds of “shadow” activities, all … read more

Newsart for Are China’s Banks Next?
World Affairs 1

Are China’s Banks Next?

Despite its advantages, China harbors a weakness that is quite similar to what has caused so much trouble in the US and Europe: big banks that have an incentive not to be careful. While China may… read more

Newsart for The Greenspan Temptation
Economics 2

The Greenspan Temptation

The drafters of the US Constitution had to make a fundamental choice: Should they concentrate power in the hands of one man, or devise a political system in which decision-making influence would be… read more

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