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Since 1994, Project Syndicate has provided readers with original, engaging, and thought-provoking commentaries by those who are shaping the world's economics, politics, science, and culture. Our mission is to render complicated ideas in a language that educated readers everywhere can use to make informed choices, while providing a platform for the world’s foremost statesmen, policymakers, intellectuals, and activists to reach a global audience without public relations and political hype.

Project Syndicate’s members include more than 500 newspapers and other publications in 154 countries, and our commentaries reach 300 million readers. Our unique non-profit content-distribution model enables us to reach newspapers and other media in the developing world that commercial syndication services ignore or neglect. We offer outlets throughout developing Africa, Asia, and Latin America free or subsidized rights to our commentaries, ensuring equal access to ideas and debates that help people everywhere understand and respond to the forces – and risks – shaping their lives.

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The World's Opinion Page

Peter Jungen, Chairman (non-executive)

William Newton-Smith, Chairman (Project Syndicate, Prague foundation)

Editorial Board

  • Roman Frydman
  • Kenneth Murphy, Editor in Chief
  • Andrzej Rapaczynski
  • Jonathan Stein, Managing Editor


  • Whitney Arana, Associate Editor
  • Stephan Faris, Associate Editor
  • Mary Healy, Associate Digital Editor
  • Splinter Knight, Digital Editor
  • R. Adriel Vasquez, Social Media Editor

Series Editors

  • Nina Khruscheva
  • Joanna Rose
  • Niels Thygesen

Project Syndicate, Prague

Nicolas Chatara-Morse Chief Executive Officer

Damen Dowse Vice President of Development

Callum Voge Global Relations Manager

Rachel Danna Distribution & Translations Manager

Jonathan Hoffmann Vice President of Operations

Peter Kupček Chief Financial Officer

Stefanie Ensinger Publishing Data & Analysis Manager

Carmen Morejon Publishing Data & Analysis

Submission Guidelines

Project Syndicate welcomes unsolicited submissions. Authors should adhere to the following guidelines:

- All submissions must be in English.

- All submissions must be exclusive to Project Syndicate.

- The ideal length for submissions is 800-900 words. Submissions must not be shorter than 700 words or exceed 1,000 words.

- Any accompanying image, graph, or figure should be at least 540 pixels wide and must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format. We prefer to create our own graphs, so raw data sets are best.

Prospective contributors are strongly encouraged to acquaint themselves with Project Syndicate's series when considering whether their submission addresses relevant subjects, themes, and issues. Please note that Project Syndicate's mission is to provide its member newspapers with commentaries devoted to reflection and analysis, rather than journalistic articles that cover particular news events. Contributors typically have demonstrated expertise on the topic they are addressing.

In some cases, submissions will be accepted as Web-only, and will not be syndicated to our member papers.

Prospective contributors who do not receive a response within five days should feel free to submit their manuscripts elsewhere.

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