Monday, October 20, 2014
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lifestyles of the rich
Economics 51

How the Rich Rule

Widening inequality in the world’s advanced and developing countries inflicts two blows against democratic politics. Not only does it lead to greater disenfranchisement of the middle and lower… read more

Rich People Private Jets
Culture & Society 13

A Class of Its Own

If today's super-rich believe that they no longer need to rely on their national governments, they are making a huge mistake. The reality is that the stability and openness of the markets that… read more

Democracy Painted on a Rusted Boat
World Affairs 14

Rethinking Democracy

What many call “liberal democracy” flourished only after the emergence of the nation-state and the popular upheaval and mobilization produced by the Industrial Revolution. With the nation-state now… read more

Newsart for In Praise of Foxy Scholars
Culture & Society 9

In Praise of Foxy Scholars

In a world of diverse and changing circumstances, economists and other social scientists can do real harm by applying the wrong model. Unfortunately, they get virtually no training in how to choose… read more

Newsart for Death by Finance
World Affairs 19

Death by Finance

While emerging economies have been hit hard in recent weeks by a severe mood swing in global financial markets, the only surprise is that we are surprised. Economists, in particular, should have… read more

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