Friday, April 25, 2014

Ana Palacio

Ana Palacio, a former Spanish foreign minister and former Senior Vice President of the World Bank, is a member of the Spanish Council of State and a visiting lecturer at Georgetown University.

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Newsart for Europe’s Iranian Imperative
World Affairs 0

Europe’s Iranian Imperative

Europe's unified approach in Iran – from the sanctions that ultimately brought Iran to the negotiating table to the diplomacy that facilitated the nuclear agreement in Geneva – has made a real… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Ukrainian Test
World Affairs 9

Europe’s Ukrainian Test

It is not only Ukraine's post-Yanukovych government that should feel threatened by Russia's seizure of Crimea. The West – and the European Union, in particular – must respond to Russian President… read more

Newsart for Forsaken Syria
World Affairs 10

Forsaken Syria

In this year of ubiquitous commemorations, the centennial of Jan Karski’s birth has been largely overlooked. And yet Karski’s legacy is more important than ever – nowhere more so than in Syria. read more

Newsart for Insecure Europe
World Affairs 3

Insecure Europe

Over the last five years, Europe's internal struggles have caused EU leaders largely to neglect external policies. What the EU needs now is an updated security strategy that capitalizes on the… read more

Newsart for The Uses of Nuclear Ambitions
World Affairs 0

The Uses of Nuclear Ambitions

The interim agreement with Iran aimed at limiting the country's nuclear program marks an important juncture, not least because it shows that sanctions work. But a comprehensive deal requires a… read more

Newsart for Why Iran Blinked
World Affairs 0

Why Iran Blinked

Iran, which has long been a cause of anxiety for the international community, has become a source of hope in a tumultuous region. At a time when the US is projecting an image of indecision and… read more

Newsart for Israel’s European Peace?
World Affairs 2

Israel’s European Peace?

The EU, in an uncharacteristic show of backbone, has issued written guidelines prohibiting cooperation with Israeli companies operating in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This bold move could… read more

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