Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ana Palacio

Ana Palacio, a former Spanish foreign minister and former Senior Vice President of the World Bank, is a member of the Spanish Council of State, a visiting lecturer at Georgetown University, and a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the United States.

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Big Ben, landmark in London, Great Britain
Politics 8

The Causes and Consequences of Brexit

It seems increasingly likely that the upcoming European Council meeting will produce a deal on the conditions of the UK’s EU membership – a deal that will be put before British voters in a referendum,… read more

Statue of Liberty
Politics 12

Renewing American Leadership

The narrative of American decline has gained so much traction in recent years that even US officials seem to have started to believe it, pursuing weak and piecemeal policies (or, in some cases, doing … read more

Turkey flag behind European Union flag.
World Affairs 45

Turkey’s Diplomatic Dogfight

Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane risks intensifying the violence engulfing Syria, thereby dashing hopes for a rapprochement between Russia and the West that had arisen in the wake of the Paris m… read more

Time Square, New York City.
World Affairs 12

The BRICS Fallacy

The world’s obsession with the perceived rise and fall of the BRICS reflects a desire to identify the country or bloc that will take over from the US as global leader. But, in searching for the “next … read more

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