Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  1. Educating Nigeria’s Survivors

    Kevin Watkins
  2. Educating Syria’s Rebuilders

    Gordon Brown

    Educating Syria’s Rebuilders


     praises innovative new approaches to helping refugees and students in war zones earn credentials.

    Syrian army in Aleppo George Ourfalian/Stringer
    The Syrian rebel stronghold of Aleppo has now been retaken by government forces, and we can expect to see more people displaced elsewhere in the country. Unless young refugees can gain an education, they will be unable to reconstruct their homeland when the time comes to return. READ MORE
  3. Protecting Education in Conflict Zones

    Peter Klanduch, ET AL
  4. Education Innovation in the Middle East

    Gordon Brown

    Education Innovation in the Middle East


     emphasizes the opportunities for social enterprise to reinvent classrooms and curricula regionwide.

    Newsart for Education Innovation in the Middle East Chris McGrath/Getty Images
    With new financing tools at their disposal, social entrepreneurs can help to improve the Middle East's schools and curricula. The region’s public and nonprofit sectors need only recognize the promise of social enterprise in education, and create the conditions for entrepreneurs to succeed. READ MORE
  5. Education Needs Social Enterprise

    Gordon Brown

    Education Needs Social Enterprise


     calls for more entrepreneurship to bring schools and pedagogy into the twenty-first century.

    Newsart for Education Needs Social Enterprise Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images
    With 260 million children not in school worldwide, education needs more champions to match the enthusiasm of, say, global-health and environmental advocates. And, because education has more room for innovation than any other development sector, there is a unique opportunity for social entrepreneurs. READ MORE
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