Wednesday, July 1, 2015
  1. Cuba Comes in from the Cold

    Hector R. Torres
  2. The Escalating Arab Wars

    Maha Yahya

    The Escalating Arab Wars


     warns that the Middle East and North Africa may be poised for a new round of bloodshed.

    children warzone UN photo/Flickr

    The violence that has plagued North Africa and the Middle East since the beginning of the Arab Spring may turn out to be just a first taste of what is to come. Without a change of course among the region's leaders, a further spiral into chaos, violence, and bloodshed is likely to become the only alternative left. READ MORE

  3. Renovating the World Order

    Dominique Moisi

    Renovating the World Order


     proposes fixes to the international system aimed at stemming rising violence and chaos worldwide.

    fighters in Iraq Jacob Simkin/ZumaPress

    As violent conflicts and crises intensify worldwide, from Africa to Asia, it is becoming abundantly clear that there is no longer a guarantor of order – not international law or even a global hegemon – that countries view as legitimate and credible. The international system is clearly in need of an overhaul. READ MORE

  4. Serenity in the South China Sea

    Gareth Evans

    Serenity in the South China Sea


     believes that the US needs to distinguish between what it can change and what it cannot.

    china aircraft carrier Li Tang/ZumaPress

    Managing the US-China relationship in general, and the South China Sea in particular, requires, above all, keeping official rhetoric under control. Lines will need to be drawn, but wise leaders will focus on cooperative diplomatic solutions, playing military cards to the minimum extent possible. READ MORE

  5. Shelter from the Storm in Europe

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    Shelter from the Storm in Europe


     worries that the three major crises that the EU now faces will converge into a devastating disaster.

    Newsart for Shelter from the Storm in Europe David Kingham/Flickr

    To secure a prosperous future, Europe must confront three distinct challenges: the Greek crisis, Russia’s incursion in Ukraine, and the rise of populist political parties. While Europe could address each of these challenges individually with relatively little risk, all three must be addressed simultaneously. READ MORE

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