Monday, September 22, 2014
  1. Dying for Europe

    Peter Sutherland

    Dying for Europe


     demands a new EU policy toward migrants and asylum-seekers, following a summer of death.

    African immigrants arriving in Lampedusa Italian Navy Press Office/Flickr

    With some 1,600 asylum-seekers having died in the Mediterranean Sea since June 1, Europe's policy toward migrants and asylum-seekers is clearly in need of reform. While Europe cannot help all of those fleeing violence and destitution, it can certainly do more, especially if it adopts a unified approach. READ MORE

  2. The System is Working

    Daniel W. Drezner

    The System is Working


     rebuts the conventional wisdom that governance of the global economy has broken down.

    G20 leaders G20 leaders/Downing Street/Flickr

    As the G-20 meeting of finance ministers starts in Cairns, Australia, the Legion of Gloom is at it again, claiming that the system of global governance structures ranging from the WTO and the G-20 to the major central banks is in desperate need of repair. In fact, the global economic order has worked remarkably well since 2008. READ MORE

  3. Iran’s Iraq Calculations

    Alex Vatanka

    Iran’s Iraq Calculations


     argues that Iranian leaders' effort to retain influence in Baghdad could backfire.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Morteza Nikoubazl/ZumaPress

    With the spread of ethnic and sectarian violence in Iraq, Iran’s image as an island of stability in a conflict-ridden Middle East may prove to be short-lived. Its government now faces serious questions over its Iraq policy, which could eventually threaten Iran’s own national security. READ MORE

  4. Did Hamas Win?

    Mkhaimar Abusada

    Did Hamas Win?


     asks how the movement might use its new position at the center of Palestinian politics.

    Palestine School Damage Gaza War Mohammed Asad/ZumaPress

    After the third Israeli war on Gaza in less than six years, many Palestinians are questioning the purpose of continuing to fight – and hoping for a solution that does not increase their suffering. Can Hamas, with its newly acquired position at the forefront of Palestinian politics, provide such a solution? READ MORE

  5. Can Palestine Win the Peace?

    Daoud Kuttab

    Can Palestine Win the Peace?


     calls upon Palestinian leaders to present a united front in negotiations with Israel.

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Mohammed Bendari/ZumaPress

    Having withstood the test of war, the Palestinian unity government that was created less than two months before the conflict began will now become the main vehicle for Gaza’s reconstruction. To succeed, it must design a clear, reasonable, and unified strategy to guide its pursuit of peace, justice, and freedom for Palestine. READ MORE

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