Friday, October 31, 2014
  1. The Security Council’s Credibility Test

    Gareth Evans

    The Security Council’s Credibility Test


     warns that failure to reform the UN body's structure is jeopardizing its global authority.

    UN Security Council elections Spain Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo/Niu Xiaolei/ZumaPress

    The UN Security Council’s membership will be reconstituted in 2015, but it will not look very different from its predecessors. With many of the twenty-first century's most influential countries left out, the failure to reform the Council's structure is becoming a very big problem. READ MORE

  2. The Era of Disorder

    Richard N. Haass

    The Era of Disorder


     points to several forces, both global and local, that have eroded the international order.

    Country road storm Mark Bowler/Flickr

    Historical eras are difficult to recognize before they end. We can recognize the post-Cold War period of American preeminence, increased prosperity, and widespread peace as a distinct era, because a new and more menacing epoch has begun. READ MORE

  3. The Years of Living Tactically

    Javier Solana

    The Years of Living Tactically


     says that reliance on short-term foreign-policy fixes is jeopardizing the international order.

    chess pieces Alan Levine/Flickr

    The biggest risk to global security today lies in the failure of the West to formulate a comprehensive strategy to address global challenges and manage the transition to a new multipolar system. The reason for this failure is simple: the West has allowed short-term tactical concerns to impede the development of a long-term vision. READ MORE

  4. Hope for Hong Kong

    Chris Patten

    Hope for Hong Kong


     says that statesmanship by the authorities would be reciprocated by the Umbrella Movement.

    hong kong umbrella movement crowd Doctor Ho/Flickr

    The principles, decency, and behavior of Hong Kong's youthful vanguard inspire confidence in the qualities of the generation that one day will run the great city. That said, it time to move on to a sensible endgame. READ MORE

  5. China’s Hong Kong Follies

    Sin-ming Shaw

    China’s Hong Kong Follies


     looks at what is motivating the pro-democracy protesters.

    hong kong student umbrella Guillaume Payen/ZumaPress

    The massive protests that have roiled Hong Kong in recent weeks are ostensibly demands for more democracy. But they actually reflect frustration among a population that has been poorly governed by a succession of leaders picked by China’s central government more for their loyalty than their competence. READ MORE

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