Thursday, October 2, 2014
  1. The Future of Syria

    Christopher R. Hill
  2. Europe’s Ukrainian Soul

    Joschka Fischer

    Europe’s Ukrainian Soul


     explains why Ukraine's fate remains a vital strategic question for Europe.

    Ukraine Europe Imago/ZumaPress

    For Europe, Ukraine’s fate is a vital strategic question, because its independence has been the cornerstone of the post-Cold War European order and its framework for peace. Ukraine’s subjugation to Russia by military force would bring down the curtain on that order and its underlying principles. READ MORE

  3. The Intellectual Battle Against ISIS

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

    The Intellectual Battle Against ISIS

     calls for a broad development agenda to defeat the Middle East's ideologies of hate.

    ISIS fighter in Iraq Medyan Dairieh/ZumaPress

    If the world is to defeat the Islamic State, leaders must recognize that such fires cannot be extinguished by force alone. The world must unite behind a holistic drive to discredit the ideology that gives the extremists their power, and to restore hope and dignity to those whom they would recruit. READ MORE

  4. Grave New World

    Javier Solana

    Grave New World


     urges the world's traditional and emerging powers to unite to confront shared challenges.

    Walking into the distance nico si/Flickr

    The world is changing more profoundly and rapidly than ever before. Maintaining global stability will demand renewed multilateral institutions in which countries defend their principles while respecting those of others – and never lose sight of their shared interests and objectives. READ MORE

  5. The Congress of Vienna Revisited

    Dominique Moisi

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305 pages

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