Tuesday, August 4, 2015
  1. Rapprochements with Rogue States

    Yoon Young-kwan

    Rapprochements with Rogue States


     compares the Bush administration's focus on regime change with Barack Obama's more fruitful steps.

    obama iran deal Ron Sachs/ZumaPress

    In his State of the Union address to the US Congress in 2002, President George W. Bush famously described Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as an “axis of evil.” In the years since, however, America has not treated each in the same way – and the differences are highly instructive. READ MORE

  2. The Iran Deal’s North Korean Shadow

    Christopher R. Hill

    The Iran Deal’s North Korean Shadow


     rejects the view that the two countries' behavior implies similar outcomes for nuclear agreements.

    Iranians celebrate nuclear deal Rouzbeh Fouladi/ZumaPress

    Many critics of the Iranian nuclear agreement compare Iran’s behavior to that of North Korea, suggesting that the deal will not hold because deals with North Korea never have. The key question is whether Iran's leaders understand that the agreement represents a defining moment for their country. READ MORE

  3. It’s Time to Ban the Bomb

    Hans Blix

    It’s Time to Ban the Bomb


     argues that the nuclear-weapon states' gradualist approach to disarmament has failed.

    A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima/See Tatt Yeo

    Seventy years ago next month, the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki opened the darkest chapter in the long history of humanity’s wartime horrors. The international agreement to curtail Iran's nuclear program, while welcome, also serves as a reminder that the chapter remains open – and that it must be closed for good. READ MORE

  4. The Dangerous Rise of Buddhist Chauvinism

    Yuriko Koike
  5. What the Greek and Iranian Deals Are Not

    Dominique Moisi

    What the Greek and Iranian Deals Are Not


     says that the most important thing the two deals have in common is their incompleteness.

    greece iran flags Barbaragin/Fotolia

    This month’s agreements on the Greek crisis and Iran’s nuclear program are undoubtedly important achievements. But the comparisons that have accompanied both deals have tended toward hyperbole, impeding rational discussion of their implications for Europe, the Middle East, and the prospects for international diplomacy. READ MORE

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