Tuesday, July 7, 2015
  1. Ending Genocide Denial at Srebrenica

    David Scheffer

    Ending Genocide Denial at Srebrenica


     urges the UN Security Council to condemn attempts to deny the atrocity crimes of the Bosnian war.

    Srebrenica Genocide Memorial Adrien Dubuisson/Flickr

    The UN Security Council is considering a resolution that condemns denial of the genocide at Srebrenica, describing it as “hampering efforts at reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” And indeed, victim groups cannot imagine reconciling with the Bosnian Serbs as long as they are trying to rewrite history. READ MORE

  2. Saving Ukraine

    Wolfgang Ischinger

    Saving Ukraine


     explains why cooperation with Russia is necessary for any solution to the problems facing Ukraine.

    Petro Poroshenko Str/ZumaPress

    Addressing the challenges facing Ukraine will require policymakers inside and outside the country to stabilize its economy, protect its territory, and create breathing room for reforms. In order to accomplish this, they will also have to secure greater cooperation from Russia. READ MORE

  3. Cuba Comes in from the Cold

    Hector R. Torres
  4. The Escalating Arab Wars

    Maha Yahya

    The Escalating Arab Wars


     warns that the Middle East and North Africa may be poised for a new round of bloodshed.

    children warzone UN photo/Flickr

    The violence that has plagued North Africa and the Middle East since the beginning of the Arab Spring may turn out to be just a first taste of what is to come. Without a change of course among the region’s leaders, a further spiral into chaos, violence, and bloodshed is likely to become the only alternative left. READ MORE

  5. Renovating the World Order

    Dominique Moisi

    Renovating the World Order


     proposes fixes to the international system aimed at stemming rising violence and chaos worldwide.

    fighters in Iraq Jacob Simkin/ZumaPress

    As violent conflicts and crises intensify worldwide, from Africa to Asia, it is becoming abundantly clear that there is no longer a guarantor of order – not international law or even a global hegemon – that countries view as legitimate and credible. The international system is clearly in need of an overhaul. READ MORE

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