Friday, March 27, 2015
  1. Decision Time on Venezuela

    Jorge G. Castañeda

    Decision Time on Venezuela


     says that the Maduro regime's confrontation with the US will force Latin America to choose sides.

    Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Str/ZumaPress

    For the last 15 years, major Latin American countries have largely ignored the crisis in Venezuela, refusing to condemn or support its leadership's incompetence and abuses. Now that President Barack Obama has decided to classify Venezuela formally as a “national security threat” to the US, this is about to change. READ MORE

  2. From Nuclear Safety to Nuclear Security

    Des Browne, ET AL

    From Nuclear Safety to Nuclear Security

    & 1

    &  urge governments to apply stress tests to all facilities where dangerous materials are used.

    Nuclear plant safety workers Greg Webb/IAEA/Flickr

    The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant has spurred reforms in the field of nuclear safety, but when it comes to nuclear security, complacency remains a major problem. In particular, governments must not neglect the need to protect their citizens from the risk of catastrophic nuclear terrorism. READ MORE

  3. A Raisin in the Israeli Sun

    Anne-Marie Slaughter
  4. Israel’s Victory of Fear

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    Israel’s Victory of Fear


     attributes Binyamin Netanyahu's win to a superior understanding of what drives the country's voters.

    Bibi Netanyahu wailing wall Jinipix/ZumaPress

    Binyamin Netanyahu, detested by allies and opponents alike, is probably the most deficient prime minister in Israel’s history. And yet he has understood, better than any of his opponents, what motivates a majority of the country's voters. READ MORE

  5. Bibi’s Big Surprise

    Itamar Rabinovich

    Bibi’s Big Surprise


     explains how Binyamin Netanyahu proved the pollsters wrong – and what comes next for Israel.

    Netanyahu Dani Maron-Jinipix/ZumaPress

    Israel's election revealed a deeply divided society with a fragmented and dysfunctional political system that cannot produce a leader able to negotiate seriously with the Palestinians and deal with the country’s socioeconomic problems. The next election may not be far off. READ MORE

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