Thursday, November 27, 2014
  1. Global Solutions for Globalization’s Problems

    Ian Goldin

    Global Solutions for Globalization’s Problems


     fears that the risks created by globalization could jeopardize its achievements.

    Bike on beach g_cowan/Flickr

    The world has simultaneously benefited from globalization and failed to manage the inherent complications resulting from the increased integration of our societies, our economies, and the infrastructure of modern life. As a result, we have become dangerously exposed to systemic risks that transcend borders. READ MORE

  2. Getting to Yes with Putin

    Dominique Moisi

    Getting to Yes with Putin


     believes that Europe and Russia can reconcile, but only if the EU starts playing its cards right.

    Vladimir Putin Alexei Nikolsky/ZumaPress

    Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Union's divisions and weaknesses have been as encouraging for Russia President Vladimir Putin as America's hesitant approach to Syria was. Only a firm, clear, and united policy toward Russia can bring about a viable compromise. READ MORE

  3. Why Summits Matter

    Gareth Evans

    Why Summits Matter


     shows how November's trifecta of global confabs vindicated multilateral summitry.

    G20 Leaders Brisbane Pool/ZumaPress

    It is easy to be skeptical about the kind of meetings that a small army of global and regional leaders swept through this month. But November's three summits – the APEC summit in Beijing, the East Asian Summit in Naypyidaw, and the G-20 meeting in Brisbane – should have the skeptics eating their words. READ MORE

  4. China’s New Global Leadership

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  5. Post-Soviet Confidence Games

    Stefan Wolff

    Post-Soviet Confidence Games


     casts doubt on the ability of trust-building measures to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

    Ukraine soldier Sergii Kharchenko/ZumaPress

    It is starting to look like a pattern: After painstaking talks, the parties in the Ukraine conflict come to an agreement – only to have it fall apart or fail to be fully implemented. And confidence-building efforts aimed at resolving other post-Soviet conflicts do not offer much room for hope. READ MORE

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