Tuesday, April 21, 2015
  1. The Least We Can Do For Syria

    Lakhdar Brahimi

    The Least We Can Do For Syria


     urges people around the world to pressure their governments to protect refugees from Syria.

    Syria fighters console Freedom House/Flickr

    In a conflict as bitter, protracted, and complex as the war in Syria, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by despair. And yet, however grim or upsetting the situation becomes, people around the world, rather than tuning out the war, should pressure their governments to protect and shelter Syria's refugees. READ MORE

  2. What the West Owes Ukraine

    Anders Åslund

    What the West Owes Ukraine


     calls for more support for the Kyiv government's reform efforts.

    Newsart for What the West Owes Ukraine EEAS/Flickr

    Ukraine may not be grabbing as many headlines now as it did a year ago, but the crisis there is far from over. Ultimately, what Ukraine needs is to escape the old Soviet order – and, for that, it needs significantly more Western help than it is getting. READ MORE

  3. Obama’s Failed Afghan Peace Strategy

    Brahma Chellaney
  4. The Challenge of Russia’s Decline

    Joseph S. Nye
  5. Overcoming the Ukraine Crisis

    Jean-Marie Guéhenno

    Overcoming the Ukraine Crisis


     urges Western powers to take the lead in de-escalating the conflict in Ukraine.

    Ukraine Holy St. Michael's Golden-domed temple Igor Golovniov/ZumaPress

    The crisis in Ukraine is one of the gravest threats to global order in the past quarter-century, potentially involving nuclear-armed powers whose collective military spending amounts to two-thirds of the global total. The West should take the lead with a plan of action to avoid being trapped by a sudden escalation of the conflict. READ MORE

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