Wednesday, August 20, 2014
  1. Sanctions Blowback

    Marcel Fratzscher

    Sanctions Blowback


     warns that Western financial restrictions imposed on Russia could backfire.

    sanctions against Russia Imago/Flickr

    With the crisis in Ukraine intensifying, the US and the EU are locked in a battle of wills – and sanctions. The real threat to the West does not lie in Russia's retaliatory sanctions, but rather in the potential impact of a financial crisis sparked by its own restrictions on Russian banks. READ MORE

  2. The Right Iraqi Intervention

    Gareth Evans

    The Right Iraqi Intervention


     defends Barack Obama's decision to launch US air strikes against the Islamic State.

    Islamic State of Syria and Iraq Medyan Dairieh/ZumaPress

    The US is right to use its military to protect Iraq's Yezidi minority from genocide by marauding Islamic State militants. The US action is fully consistent with the principles of the international responsibility to protect, touching all of the bases of legality, legitimacy, and likely effectiveness. READ MORE

  3. The New Loose Nukes

    Bennett Ramberg

    The New Loose Nukes


     highlights the vulnerability of nuclear assets in volatile countries.

    Nuclear Weapon Loose lairdscott/Flickr

    Last month, the Islamic State seized uranium compounds in Iraq, and Hamas launched three rockets at Israel's Dimona nuclear complex. Such episodes highlight the vulnerability of nuclear assets in other volatile countries – particularly Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran. READ MORE

  4. A Great Breakdown?

    Kemal Derviş

    A Great Breakdown?


     compares the significance of international political turbulence now to that in August 1914.

    World War I trenches Wikimedia Commons

    In the months and years preceding August 1914, the global economy performed relatively well: world trade expanded, financial markets seemed healthy, and the business community shrugged off political problems as either temporary or irrelevant. Is today's world similarly sleepwalking toward catastrophe? READ MORE

  5. The Framing of MH-17

    William Burke-White

    The Framing of MH-17


     wants the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to be called a probable war crime.

    MH 17 Memorial Kamal Sellehuddin/ZumaPress

    US President Barack Obama called the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 an “outrage of unspeakable proportions,” whereas Russian President Vladimir Putin termed it an “accident” and a “terrible tragedy.” Though both descriptions may be accurate, they fail to capture the incident's true nature. READ MORE


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