Saturday, May 30, 2015
  1. The FIFA Syndrome

    Lucy P. Marcus

    The FIFA Syndrome


     says that unethical behavior at the top of an organization often ramifies throughout it.

    Sepp Blatter Andreas Meier/ZumaPress

    The arrest of senior FIFA executives on a raft of fraud and corruption charges has been front-page news in recent days. But the criminal charges do not address another egregious injustice: the treatment of the migrant workers in Qatar who are building the stadiums for the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup. READ MORE

  2. Europe’s Refugee Amnesia

    Javier Solana

    Europe’s Refugee Amnesia


     calls on EU countries to remember their own time in the wilderness.

    Migrant ship Coast Guard News/Flickr

    In just the first few months of 2015, more than 38,000 people have attempted to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa, and some 1,800 people have died as a result – more than twice the number of such deaths in all of 2013. Most are refugees entitled to request asylum, which makes the EU's inaction unacceptable. READ MORE

  3. The Soccer Mafia

    Ian Buruma

    The Soccer Mafia


     calls FIFA a criminal racket sustained by anti-imperialist rhetoric.

    Sepp Blatter Andy Mueller/ZumaPress

    It is as useless to lament the shift in global power and influence away from the heartlands of the West as it is to try to predict this shift’s political consequences. But if the sorry story of FIFA is any indication, one observation still rings true: Whatever form government takes, it is money that rules. READ MORE

  4. The Return of the Balkan Question

    Dominique Moisi

    The Return of the Balkan Question


     argues that European ideals provide the only antidote to virulent nationalism in the region.

    Srebrenica Adrien Dubuisson/Flickr

    The recent violence in Macedonia is a reminder that the Balkans region remains a volatile mix of nationalism and economic frustration, underpinned by disillusionment about progress toward membership in the EU. But the EU continues to be the only alternative to a future as bad as the worst of the past. READ MORE

  5. Escaping the Middle East’s Violence Trap

    Adeel Malik, ET AL

    Escaping the Middle East’s Violence Trap

    &  explain why economic cooperation will be necessary for political stability in the region.

    Violence in Syria Karam Almasri/ZumaPress

    The Arab world and its neighbors are stuck in a violence trap. Indeed, by redrawing the region’s economic boundaries, the latest wave of violence has brought about a veritable trade shock, the true scale and significance of which has largely gone unnoticed. READ MORE

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