Friday, August 28, 2015
  1. North Korea’s Endgame

    Christopher R. Hill

    North Korea’s Endgame


     draws a sobering lesson from Kim Jong-un's recent behavior.

    Kim Jong Un North Korea Commemoration Kcna/ZumaPress

    It is easy to understand why many analysts have begun to focus on what North Korea’s demise might mean for political arrangements on the Korean Peninsula. At some point, and in some as-yet-undefined way, the People's Democratic Republic will be unable to function, and the Republic of Korea will become the successor state. READ MORE

  2. A No-Fly Zone for Syria

    Anne-Marie Slaughter
  3. Europe’s Migration Paralysis

    Joschka Fischer

    Europe’s Migration Paralysis


     views the EU's inability to address the refugee crisis as another symptom of disintegration.

    migrants in the mediterranean Nikolas Georgiou/ZumaPress

    While hundreds of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea this summer, voices have emerged in almost every corner of Europe calling for isolation, mass deportations, and new walls and fences. For their own sake, Europeans should stop treating migrants as a threat and start viewing them as an opportunity. READ MORE

  4. The New “Two Chinas” Question

    Richard N. Haass

    The New “Two Chinas” Question


     identifies choices confronting the country's leaders that are as difficult as they are unavoidable.

    shanghai at night Shanghai/Wang Gang/ZumaPress

    Is China best understood as a strong country, with a promising future despite some short-term difficulties, or as a country facing serious structural problems and uncertain long-term prospects? Until recently, that question seemed out of place; now it has become unavoidable. READ MORE

  5. China’s Self-Destructive Maritime Strategy

    Masahiro Matsumura

    China’s Self-Destructive Maritime Strategy


     points out that the country undermining security in the South China Sea depends on it the most.

    china navy helicopter Then Chih Wey/ZumaPress

    China’s aggressive activities in the South China Sea dominated discussions at the recent East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur. But China's rejection of efforts to secure a multilateral agreement to end the protracted stand-off in the area threatens its own interests most of all. READ MORE

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