Sunday, April 26, 2015
  1. Leading By Engaging

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Leading By Engaging


     weighs the successes and shortcomings of US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

    Obama raul castro smiling Peruvian Presidency/Flickr

    During his presidency, Barack Obama has recognized that America’s only hope for influencing isolated countries’ behavior is to engage directly with them. While this has proved remarkably successful as a bilateral strategy, continued US global leadership will require Obama’s successor to move beyond bilateral engagement. READ MORE

  2. The Case for Peace With Iran

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    The Case for Peace With Iran


     urges leaders on both sides to marginalize hardline opponents of the framework nuclear agreement.

    Newsart for The Case for Peace With Iran Ahmad Halabisaz/Xinhua

    The nuclear framework agreement between Iran and the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany represents the triumph of rational hope over irrational fear. But now the race is on against hardliners in the US, Iran, Israel, and elsewhere, who want to kill the deal before the deadline for a final agreement in June. READ MORE

  3. Why Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide?

    David Tolbert
  4. A Tale of Two Atomic Cities

    Kazumi Matsui, ET AL

    A Tale of Two Atomic Cities

    & 2

    &  urge world leaders to maintain their commitment to pursue nuclear disarmament.

    Hiroshima A-Dome ManWithAToyCamera/Flickr

    The mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two cities laid to waste by atomic bombs 70 years ago, call on world leaders to renew their pursuit of complete nuclear disarmament. For too long, citizens have been used as pawns on a global nuclear chessboard, with too little concern for the full implications of playing the game. READ MORE

  5. The Least We Can Do For Syria

    Lakhdar Brahimi

    The Least We Can Do For Syria


     urges people around the world to pressure their governments to protect refugees from Syria.

    Syria fighters console Freedom House/Flickr

    In a conflict as bitter, protracted, and complex as the war in Syria, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by despair. And yet, however grim or upsetting the situation becomes, people around the world, rather than tuning out the war, should pressure their governments to protect and shelter Syria's refugees. READ MORE

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