Friday, July 25, 2014
  1. The Global Security Deficit

    Michael Spence

    The Global Security Deficit


     warns that political instability and conflict are now the main threat to the global economy.

    Airport Security hazelisles/Flickr

    Summer is normally a time to take a break from the risks and worries of everyday life, and perhaps to take stock of where we are and where we are heading. But this is increasingly difficult, because our everyday lives are becoming so much riskier and more worrying. READ MORE

  2. Putin’s Tipping Point?

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    Putin’s Tipping Point?


     draws a parallel between Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and the Soviet Union's downing of KAL 007.

    Malaysian Airlines crash Dai Tianfang/ZumaPress

    When incompetence in the Kremlin turns murderous, its incumbents can begin to tremble. As news of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine trickled into Russia, people with a long memory recalled the Soviet Union’s attack, 31 years ago this September, on Korean Air Lines Flight 007, and its political consequences. READ MORE

  3. The New Thirty Years’ War

    Richard N. Haass
  4. The Waste of War

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    The Waste of War


     on why global instability today does not have to end as badly as it did in 1914.

    War dead US Army/Korea

    Organized collective violence in the industrial age is tragedy, disaster, and devastation; it solves no political problems. War has become a continuation not of politics, as Clausewitz thought, but of political failure. READ MORE

  5. Remaking Iran

    Said A. Arjomand

    Remaking Iran


     reflects on President Hassan Rouhani's first year in office.

    Hassan Rouhani Asia Society/Flickr

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently marked the end of his first year in office not only with smiles, but also with further evidence of his efforts at domestic reform and geostrategic reorientation. In Iran’s case, these two imperatives have long gone hand in hand. READ MORE

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