Sunday, February 14, 2016
  1. Europe on the Sidelines

    Ana Palacio

    Europe on the Sidelines


     warns that the EU's irrelevance as a global player is a direct threat to the liberal world order.

    European Union flag

    America's withdrawal from global leadership and Europe’s drawn-out crisis have put the international liberal order under strain. And while there are signs that the US is ready to reassert itself, the EU seems to have chosen to remain on the sidelines – with grave implications for global stability. READ MORE

  2. More War than Peace

    John Andrews

    More War than Peace


     asks why the death toll from violent conflict is on the rise again, after decades of decline.

    Iraqi woman looking downtrodden

    After decades of relative peace, the death toll from armed conflicts is rising once again. While countries rarely go to war with each other, a constellation of conflicts – civil, proxy, and between governments and non-state actors – is causing a spike in lethal violence, much of it emanating from the Muslim world. READ MORE

  3. Boundless Crises, Reckless Spoilers, and Helpless Guardians

    Wolfgang Ischinger

    Boundless Crises, Reckless Spoilers, and Helpless Guardians


     outlines the challenges facing world leaders and the international order over the coming year.

    Army vehicle isolated in the desert.

    The world is entering a period of growing risk, rising uncertainty, and fundamental transformation – the beginning of a less stable international era. Responsible leaders must work together to reconstruct the international order, strengthen institutional arrangements, and stem spreading chaos. READ MORE

  4. A Mexican Impasse for the Pope

    Hernando de Soto

    A Mexican Impasse for the Pope


     urges Francis to advocate for a simple reform that would benefit billions of poor people worldwide.

    Pope Francis

    When Pope Francis holds mass just south of the US-Mexico border next week, he will almost certainly urge support for immigrants who have headed north. He should also take the opportunity to advocate for the five billion people in the world who lack documented property rights. READ MORE

  5. Putin is No Ally Against ISIS

    George Soros

    Putin is No Ally Against ISIS


     believes that Russia's leader is intent on destroying the EU – and explains why he may succeed.

    Vladimir Putin Kremlin Pool/Planet Pix via ZUMA Wire

    The leaders of the US and the EU are making a grievous error in thinking that President Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a potential ally in the fight against the Islamic State. Putin’s aim is to foster the hollowing out – and eventual disintegration – of the EU, and he may succeed if the West continues to ignore reality. READ MORE

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