Monday, September 15, 2014
  1. Can Palestine Win the Peace?

    Daoud Kuttab

    Can Palestine Win the Peace?


     calls upon Palestinian leaders to present a united front in negotiations with Israel.

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Mohammed Bendari/ZumaPress

    Having withstood the test of war, the Palestinian unity government that was created less than two months before the conflict began will now become the main vehicle for Gaza’s reconstruction. To succeed, it must design a clear, reasonable, and unified strategy to guide its pursuit of peace, justice, and freedom for Palestine. READ MORE

  2. A Western Strategy for a Declining Russia

    Joseph S. Nye
  3. Let the Middle East Govern Itself

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  4. Why Israel?

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    Why Israel?


     explains why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict attracts disproportionate global attention.

    Dome of the rock Jerusalem Brian Negin/Flickr

    The grotesque coupling of solidarity with Palestine and anti-Jewish invective seems to have forged a politically correct form of anti-Semitism that is drowning out legitimate criticism of Israel's policies in Gaza. Why does Israel’s controversial behavior, unlike that of other countries, call into question its right to exist? READ MORE

  5. Building NATO’s “Weimar Triangle”

    Tobias Bunde , ET AL

    Building NATO’s “Weimar Triangle”

    , ET AL 4

    , ET AL  call for France, Germany, and Poland to reassure member states near Russia.

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen NATO/Flickr

    Europeans and Americans have slowly but steadily tightened the economic screws on Russia. But, in contrast to the overall cohesion displayed on the sanctions front, the West’s military response to Russia’s new assertiveness in its so-called “near abroad” has been uncoordinated and reluctant. READ MORE

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