Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  1. Obama Versus the Islamic State

    Anne-Marie Slaughter
  2. The Limits to Fighting the Islamic State

    Gareth Evans

    The Limits to Fighting the Islamic State


     warns that the West's military strategy cannot possibly meet all of its objectives.

    Islamic State of Syria and Iraq Medyan Dairieh/ZumaPress

    It is to be hoped that US President Barack Obama’s decision to wage war against the Islamic State will not prove to be another misconceived and over-reaching foreign military intervention in the Middle East. But as the US-led mission is currently conceived, it is not clear whether its objectives are achievable at acceptable costs. READ MORE

  3. America’s Never-Ending War

    Brahma Chellaney

    America’s Never-Ending War


     says that US policy toward the Islamic State reflects an inability to learn from past mistakes.

    Obama speaking to US troops Grant Jefferies/ZumaPress

    US President Barack Obama has effectively declared war on the Islamic State, using the very rhetoric that his predecessor George W. Bush used when launching America's "war on terror." The US now risks becoming enmeshed in a permanent war against an expanding list of enemies – often created by its own policies. READ MORE

  4. Dying for Europe

    Peter Sutherland

    Dying for Europe


     demands a new EU policy toward migrants and asylum-seekers, following a summer of death.

    African immigrants arriving in Lampedusa Italian Navy Press Office/Flickr

    With some 1,600 asylum-seekers having died in the Mediterranean Sea since June 1, Europe's policy toward migrants and asylum-seekers is clearly in need of reform. While Europe cannot help all of those fleeing violence and destitution, it can certainly do more, especially if it adopts a unified approach. READ MORE

  5. The System is Working

    Daniel W. Drezner

    The System is Working


     rebuts the conventional wisdom that governance of the global economy has broken down.

    G20 leaders G20 leaders/Downing Street/Flickr

    As the G-20 meeting of finance ministers starts in Cairns, Australia, the Legion of Gloom is at it again, claiming that the system of global governance structures ranging from the WTO and the G-20 to the major central banks is in desperate need of repair. In fact, the global economic order has worked remarkably well since 2008. READ MORE

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