Wednesday, May 6, 2015
  1. The Rain on Russia’s Parade

    Angela Stent

    The Rain on Russia’s Parade


     explains why US-Russian relations are worse than at any point since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    Vladimir Putin Alexei Nikolsky/ZumaPress

    When Russian President Vladimir Putin presides over the military parade commemorating Victory in Europe Day on May 9, no Western leader will be in attendance. The inability of Russia and the West to unite even in celebrating their shared triumph in World War II is a clear sign of the geopolitical challenges that lie ahead. READ MORE

  2. How to Select the Next UN Secretary-General

    Ngaire Woods, ET AL

    How to Select the Next UN Secretary-General

    & 5

    &  describe best practices for choosing the most qualified leaders for international organizations.

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon mobile phone Niu Xiaolei/ZumaPress

    The selection process for filling important international posts often has been characterized more by political horse-trading than a meritocratic search for the best candidate. The tools to improve the process are available, and the time is right to ensure their adoption by the United Nations and other international organizations. READ MORE

  3. Toward an Alliance of Hope

    Shinzo Abe

    Toward an Alliance of Hope


     sets out Japan’s agenda for domestic reform and peace and prosperity in Asia.

    shinzo abe addresses us congress Yin Bogu/ZumaPress

    Japan’s domestic reforms and efforts to shore up its defense capacity promise to contribute to peace and stability throughout the Asia-Pacific region. But achieving this goal also requires further strengthening of Japan’s strategic relationship with the US. READ MORE

  4. Europe Versus Gazprom

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    Europe Versus Gazprom


     sees signs that Vladimir Putin is losing his ability to intimidate.

    EU Commissioner Competition Gazprom EU Commissioner/Wikton Dabkowski/Flickr

    For years, Vladimir Putin has wielded Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas as a foreign-policy weapon, without fear of the EU calling his bluff – until now. The EU's antitrust case against the state-controlled gas conglomerate Gazprom is a clear signal that Putin’s brutishness is no longer as intimidating as it once was. READ MORE

  5. A Time for Middle East Realism

    Christopher R. Hill

    A Time for Middle East Realism


     reads US support for regime change in the region as a cautionary tale.

    President Obama Kevin Dietsch/ZumaPress

    Confronting the Islamic State and stabilizing Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen will require an all-out US diplomatic effort. That means allaying Saudi fears, rebuilding the relationship with Egypt, and, yes, reaching out to Iran – priorities that are based on the realities of the contemporary regional environment. READ MORE

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