Monday, November 24, 2014
  1. China’s New Global Leadership

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  2. Post-Soviet Confidence Games

    Stefan Wolff

    Post-Soviet Confidence Games


     casts doubt on the ability of trust-building measures to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

    Ukraine soldier Sergii Kharchenko/ZumaPress

    It is starting to look like a pattern: After painstaking talks, the parties in the Ukraine conflict come to an agreement – only to have it fall apart or fail to be fully implemented. And confidence-building efforts aimed at resolving other post-Soviet conflicts do not offer much room for hope. READ MORE

  3. Putin on Ice

    Stephen Holmes

    Putin on Ice

    & 7

    &  ask why Russia has chosen a policy toward Ukraine that is undermining its geostrategic interests.

    Newsart for Putin on Ice

    Russia’s de facto recognition of the elections held by separatists in the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk signals its intention to create a frozen conflict in the Donbas region's rebel-controlled areas. The question is why Russian President Vladimir Putin views such a conflict as a positive outcome for his country. READ MORE

  4. China’s New World Order

    Lee Jong-Wha

    China’s New World Order


     examines the implications of China's growing role in global governance.

    Newsart for China’s New World Order Szymon Kochanski/Flickr

    After decades of participating in international economic institutions, China is beginning to use its clout to reshape global governance, beginning with the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. But, given deep mistrust between China, its regional neighbors, and the US, its success is far from guaranteed. READ MORE

  5. The Sunni Arc of Instability

    Brahma Chellaney

    The Sunni Arc of Instability


     argues that only federalism can ameliorate volatility and violence in the Islamic world.

    Selimiye mosque Ahmet Baris Isitan/Wikimedia Commons

    While international observers fixate on the Sunni-Shia rivalry’s role in shaping geopolitics in the Islamic world, deep fissures within the Sunni arc that stretches from the Maghreb-Sahel region of North Africa to the Afghanistan-Pakistan belt are increasingly apparent. Only a federalist strategy can restore order. READ MORE

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