Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  1. Defusing the Third Space Race

    Michael Krepon

    Defusing the Third Space Race


     calls for the adoption of a code of conduct for outer space – with or without China and Russia.

    Russian Soyuz space capsule

    Competition for supremacy in outer space is highly dangerous, but with common sense and compromise, competition need not lead to conflict. Unfortunately, in the current wave of competition, only one key player, the US, seems willing to negotiate; the other two, China and Russia, are in no rush to do what is needed. READ MORE

  2. The Great Populists

    Jacek Rostowski

    The Great Populists


     says that a new breed of politicians poses a new set of risks to the West.

    Donald Trump rally Yin Bogu/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire

    The rise of a new kind of political leader – as seen in Russia, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland – constitutes a new threat to the global order. If this type, in the form of US presidential candidate Donald Trump and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, wins in the heart of the West, the risks to stability will rise sharply. READ MORE

  3. Five Truths about Terrorism

    Joseph S. Nye

    Five Truths about Terrorism


     believes that an important problem for the US is being blown dangerously out of proportion.

    Military holding firearms

    Terrorism is a serious problem, but it has been blown out of proportion by political opportunism and a sensationalist news media. Managing terrorism requires us to recognize that it is a form of theater aimed at eliciting a disproportionate, counterproductive reaction. READ MORE

  4. The Death Throes of Oil

    Harold James

    The Death Throes of Oil


     highlights the increased political instability that is likely to result if prices remain low.

    Oil drill

    The price of oil, often used as a sort of thermometer to measure the health of the world economy, is also a barometer, warning of approaching geopolitical storms. And the security challenges implied by falling oil prices are likely to be more significant than the economic risks. READ MORE

  5. Syria’s Continuing Chemical Fallout

    Ahmet Üzümcü

    Syria’s Continuing Chemical Fallout


     warns that the ongoing use of toxic gas in the country's civil war could undermine the global ban.

    Gas mask

    More than a year after the elimination of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons program, there are persistent reports of toxic gas attacks in the country. If those responsible are not identified and prosecuted, more Syrians will be placed in jeopardy, and the Chemical Weapons Convention could lose its credibility. READ MORE

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