Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  1. The West’s Financial Arsenal

    Harold James

    The West’s Financial Arsenal


     warns that EU and US financial warfare against Russia could lead to the real thing.

    Newsart for The West’s Financial Arsenal Iain Browne/Flickr

    The revolution in Ukraine and Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea have generated a serious security crisis in Europe. But, with Western leaders testing a new kind of financial warfare, the situation could become even more dangerous. READ MORE

  2. The Yalta Temptation

    Yuliya Tymoshenko

    The Yalta Temptation


     warns against Vladimir Putin's recent proposals for resolving the Ukraine crisis.

    Newsart for The Yalta Temptation EuropeanParliament/Flickr

    Ukraine is facing a new threat, in the form of a “peace offensive” – an old staple of Soviet diplomacy designed to undermine Western resolve. Vladimir Putin’s recent phone call to Barack Obama to seek renewed talks, followed by a Russian white paper on how to resolve a crisis of the Kremlin’s making, is in fact offensive to peace. READ MORE

  3. Obama’s Quiet Offensive

    Samuel Charap

    Obama’s Quiet Offensive

    & 4

    &  on America's recent decision to bolster its role in defending NATO's Eastern European members.

    Newsart for Obama’s Quiet Offensive US Navy/Flickr

    The most significant outcome of US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Europe was his announcement that a “regular NATO presence” would be established in Eastern and Central European NATO member countries. While the move is a response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, it is in line with Obama’s long-term security strategy. READ MORE

  4. Europe’s Iranian Imperative

    Ana Palacio

    Europe’s Iranian Imperative


     urges European leaders to maintain the unity of purpose that has characterized their Iran policy.

    Newsart for Europe’s Iranian Imperative EEAS/Flickr

    Europe's unified approach in Iran – from the sanctions that ultimately brought Iran to the negotiating table to the diplomacy that facilitated the nuclear agreement in Geneva – has made a real impact. By maintaining this unity and momentum, Europe can prove to the world that it still has what it takes to be a major global actor. READ MORE

  5. History Strikes Back

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    History Strikes Back


     revisits the West's misplaced post-Cold War triumphalism.

    Newsart for History Strikes Back Emeric Fohlen/NurPhoto

    When the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union collapsed, the victors were beyond complacent, for they were certain that their triumph had been inevitable all along. Today, two powerful leaders – Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping – are demonstrating just how farfetched this "end of history" view was. READ MORE

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