Thursday, April 24, 2014
  1. Alarm Bells in Asia

    Brahma Chellaney

    Alarm Bells in Asia


     identifies three wake-up calls that America's Asian allies have had in the last two years.

    Newsart for Alarm Bells in Asia zerega/Flickr

    Over the last two years, America’s Asian allies have received three wake-up calls, all of which have delivered the same clear message: the US cannot be relied upon to protect their interests. Indeed, America's weak response to regional disputes could spur game-changing developments. READ MORE

  2. The Road to Slovyansk

    Yuriko Koike
  3. Stopping Russia Starts in Syria

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Stopping Russia Starts in Syria


     on how US intervention in the Syrian civil war would alter Vladimir Putin's calculus in Ukraine.

    Newsart for Stopping Russia Starts in Syria Oxfam International/Flickr

    The solution to the crisis in Ukraine lies in part in Syria. If US President Barack Obama demonstrates that he can order the use of force in circumstances other that secret drone attacks or covert operations, the result will change the strategic calculus not only in Damascus, but also in Moscow, not to mention Beijing and Tokyo. READ MORE

  4. The End of the New World Order

    Christopher R. Hill
  5. Putin’s Perilous Course

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Putin’s Perilous Course


     says that a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine would have a devastating impact on Russia's economy.

    Newsart for Putin’s Perilous Course Vassilis Sgs/Flickr

    Following Russia’s forcible takeover of Crimea, it is almost unimaginable that normal economic relations between Russia and the West could survive a Russian invasion or annexation of another part of Ukraine. And, if the worst-case scenario materializes, as appears increasingly likely, Russia would be the long-term economic loser. READ MORE

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