Sunday, February 7, 2016
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Crowded river in Vietnam
World Affairs 12

Upholding the Asian Order

From the “one belt, one road” scheme to the AIIB, Chinese geostrategic initiatives are steadily advancing the country’s strategic objective of fashioning a Sino-centric Asia. While regional powers are… read more

Chinese Navy personnel
World Affairs 33

Unaccountable China

Since late 2013, China has been engaged in an alarming quest for control over the South China Sea, a strategically crucial corridor through which $5.3 trillion in trade flows each year. But what is ev… read more

Japanese tiger sculpture.
World Affairs 16

Why Japan Should Rearm

Ensuring long-term peace in Asia requires an active role for Japan. By pursuing reforms that enable it to defend itself better, Japan would enhance its capacity to forestall the emergence of a destabi… read more

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